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Kicked while he was down (standard:drama, 1056 words)
Author: Randy OsbourneAdded: Jun 25 2006Views/Reads: 2329/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
While sick with a cold, a man gets a phone call from his girlfriend and learns something disturbing about her.

Kicked while he was down 

He sat on the couch and just stared at the phone for a few minutes in
disbelief.   It was only a few minutes ago that he was on the couch 
where he attempted to battle a cold bug that he had caught.  He felt as 
if he were in a losing battle. 

It was Saturday night and instead of going out to a movie or friends or
somewhere else with his girlfriend, Clint found himself on his couch.  
His head felt as if it was stuffed with cotton and he had trouble 
breathing through his nose due to his cold.  To add to the fun, his 
throat seemed to scream in protest every time he swallowed.  He was not 
doing well at all and he knew that he would not be going anywhere that 
night.  The best thing that he could do was to drink a lot of liquids 
and get as much sleep as he could. 

Just as he was in a state between sleep and being awake, he heard the
phone ring on the coffee table beside him.  He did not really want to 
but he answered the phone just in case it was an emergency or if there 
had been a sudden death in the family.  When he answered it he knew 
that there was no death in the family and no emergency.  It was his 
girlfriend Belinda on the phone and she had her friend Lacy on the 
phone as well the three way calling option. 

The two had met while had had a coffee on the beach and they seemed to
hit things off rather well.  They had been dating for a year and she 
always told him that she wanted to take things slowly which he 
respected.  He had always been taught never to force someone into 
something that they really don't want to do.  There were a few 
occasions where she brought her friend along and she explained that 
Lacy had some troubles and needed the company.  Again Clint respected 
her wishes. 

Over the past few months he seemed to think that Belinda was not being
totally honest with him.  She would cancel out on dates at the last 
minute and there had been times where she really did not want to answer 
some of his questions.  Like where she had been when he had tried to 
call her or why she had decided to cancel or simply not show up to a 
date they had arranged. 

He told her on the phone that he would not be going anywhere that night
because he was too sick too.  He believed that she was going to say she 
couldn't see him that night and decided to beat her to the punch.  She 
was not calling for that reason he soon learned.  It was for a reason 
that he did not expect at all. 

As it turned out she had been to the doctor earlier that day and she had
to get a prescription filled out at the drug store.  She didn't have 
the health coverage to pay for it and she really needed the medicine.  
So she asked if she could borrow some money to get it.  He explained to 
her that he didn't have any money on him.  She then suggested that she 
and Lacy pick him up and drive him to the bank machine to get the 

That was something that he really did not want to do because of the way
that he felt.  But he did know that if she needed the medicine that he 
should go with her suggestion and go to the bank machine with them.  
She explained that it was some sort of virus and if she didn't get the 
medicine soon, it could get much worse for her.  So he decided that he 
would go to the bank with them and then have them drive him home where 
he would catch up on the much-needed rest that he would need. 

Before he could answer her, he heard his call waiting go off indicating
that someone else was on his other line.  He asked the two women to 
hold on that it was his other line and he had to answer it.  He 
believed that it might be a family member or another friend who called 
just to see how he was.  When he clicked over the other line, the other 
party hung up as soon as he answered.  He then clicked over back to the 
other line and before he could let them know that he was back, this is 
what he had heard. 

Lacy: Are we still going to the bar? Belinda: Yes just as soon as I get
the money from Clint, we will go. First round will be on him. Then the 
two of them laughed. 

He sat there stunned by what he had just heard.  He then knew that she
didn't need any medicine and she was not sick with a virus.  She had 
just made up the story so her and Lacy could go out and party.  What he 
thought was worse was the fact that he really was sick and she still 
wanted him to go out into the cold night and get the money so they 
could go have fun. 

He had no what idea what to say.  They still did not know that he was
back from the other line and that was just fine by him.  So instead of 
saying something or clearing his throat, he just hung up the phone.  He 
sat there and looked at it and still could not believe how selfish and 
cruel some people could be.  He would deal with that situation when he 
felt better, but in the meantime, he just wanted to be left alone. 

As he stared at the phone still in disbelief what he had just heard, the
phone began to ring.  He then reached for the left side of the phone 
and shut the ringer off.  He then layback down on the couch and turned 
on the television.  As far as he was concerned she could try and call 
him all night.  He watched the TV and tried to think about other things 
as the phone beside him continued to ring silently. 

The end By Randy Osbourne. 


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