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walk by me (standard:poetry, 317 words)
Author: gemaAdded: Jun 25 2006Views/Reads: 1648/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
not giving love a chance.

There is space where you walked out and left this room empty and there
is space in my life that is waiting to be filled. 

I don't know if this was meant to be but I don't give a damn about
destiny; this is just between you and me and which of us is running 
faster uphill. 

But I do know I never asked for this and I'm willing to bet that neither
did you and I'm not sure I want this but I can assure you that if this 
was coming I never knew. 

I look at you, into you, through you and I walk by you with disdain on
my face meant for the world that made me this way but you probably 
think it's just that sort of day, or worse yet, you think it's meant 
for you 

And so you walk nonchalantly in the other direction and I don't turn my
head out of hope that you do. 

You're turning my mind traitor to me; I'm wanting the opposite of what I
need -- thoughts I shouldn't think, things I shouldn't do -- I ought to 
make these rules, but I am posessed by you. 

I'm chasing my heart being dangled before me but I can't feel my feet
connect with the ground, and it's getting harder to believe that this 
is what they say makes the world go round. 

And in your smile when I pass you again I see such faith in my good
intentions that each stolen word and kiss I imagine might as well come 
from Judas as from me. 

For if I gave in to this betrayal, never again would your smile be for
free; so I'm trying to make myself turn in the other direction and 
simply let things be. 

But it just doesn't seem to be working because everything else
disappears when you walk by me. 


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