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The Fight Back (Part I) (standard:science fiction, 980 words)
Author: DarkCAdded: Jul 22 2006Views/Reads: 1771/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Earth has been taken over by an alien race. This is the start to humanities fight back.

For centuries a fierce and might war has swept across the worlds
continents and engulfed them, nearly wiping out humanity. The enemy, 
Satan's own children, the Kharn. Deformed humanoids, bent over, warped 
faces and immune to nearly all types of pain. Some people say that it's 
a US experiment that went wrong, other believe it to be an alien 
attack, but everyone agrees that they must be stopped no matter the 

The invasion had happened so fast that humanity had had no time to
prepare. Within weeks of the first shot humanity was on its knees and 
begging for mercy. Only small pockets of resistance were left spread 
across the globe. Most were finished within another week, but a few of 
the stronger groups survived, though only through luck and skill. Soon 
the forces came together and started trying to liberate areas of 
Europe, only to be over run again by the unending and unstoppable 
onslaught that was the Kharn. Everyone thought that everything was lost 
and it was hopeless even trying to rebel against their oppressors, but 
by chance a leader emerged and took control of the disorganised force 
that was humanities last chance to survive and turned it into an army. 
Soon they liberated the UK and managed to hold the island, but only 
under his guidance was this possible. Now many years later the World 
Liberation Force (WLF) has become strong enough to launch an effective 
counter attack against the Kharn and put an end to their oppressor's 
regime of world terror.  The landing grounds of this invasion force, 
the cliffs of Normandy, the 6th June 2944, 1000 years to the day after 
the original D-Day landings, let's hope it has the same ending. 

I staggered back as the cold moist morning Normandy air hit me with the
strength of a car. Slowly I pushed my way against the wind out of the 
landing craft onto its deck like everyone before me and soon everyone 
behind me onto the crafts deck like on thousands of other hovercraft. 
Slowly but surely we filed into our various landing craft readying 
ourselves for the upcoming battle for the salvation of humanity. As I 
climbed down into my landing craft I held my plasma support rifle 
close, checking my ammunition, handgun and its ammo, my frag grenades, 
the med kit and that my body armour was tight and secure, not that it 
was any help against what we going against but it made me feel more 
secure. ‘Private Zanakov, how nice of you to join the party.' I heard 
Sergeant Storr's gruff voice Shouted at me. ‘I'm glad you didn't leave 
Private McCoring and me alone to have all the fun!' A wide grin spread 
across my face that I couldn't control. Storr always had something 
cheerful to say no matter how suicidal the situation was. ‘Alexander, 
I'm glad to see a friendly face, my Russian friend.' McCoring my old 
pal, his voice was always good to hear, and every time it calmed my 
nerves. We have been through everything together, from signing up on 
the first day, to the very limited training and every mission since 
then. ‘And I to see yours.' Smiles spread round our cold faces like 
nothing was wrong, that it was all over, or it had never begun. For 
that small moment I forgot about the suicide mission I was about to 
take part in. ‘Hey lovebirds! Remember the mission comes first the 
romantics is second!' Storr's harsh voice brought me back to reality 
and by McCoring's disgruntled expression Storr's voice had had the same 

Without warning the craft began its descent into the icy waters below.
Hitting the water with a gentle thud we were off speeding along the 
water. Down at water level there was little to no noise, so quiet that 
you could hear the Kharn artillery firing from all those tens of miles 
away. There was no doubt in my mind that the firing wasn't our 
welcoming shower of heavy explosives. Slowly one by one the fleet of 
transports came together just as the shells started landing in the 
water around us. ‘Good morning ladies!' Captain Freeman's voice sounded 
over the noise of the explosions, ‘Hope you've had an enjoyable trip so 
far ‘cause it's ‘bout to get a hell of a lot worse out here!' The 
truth, the actual truth was never kind, it was always something bad. 
‘Now that I've got the subtleties out of the way here are the squads' I 
stopped listening until I heard my name, I didn't really care for 
anything else but my squad. ‘Private Zanakov, Private McCoring, Lance 
Corporal Jones and Corporal Price, you lot are Sergeant Storr's lads. 
That everyone? Good. Now remember guys, keep your head low and your 
eyes open, move up the beach from cover to cover and don't get caught 
in the open or you will, and I mean this, you will die. Alright 
everyone got that? See you at the barrier.' Freeman always had had a 
way with words that made you want to get through a situation just so 
you could smash his face in on the other side. 

As we neared the beach we were losing more and more transports. If you
listened hard enough under the explosions and gun fire you could here 
the cries of dying, injured and drowning. The man in front of me threw 
up all over Jones' back, nice. The guy must have been new since I 
didn't recognise his face and after your first time it gets easier and 
easier.  Over the noise I heard the driver scream that we had 30 
seconds. People tensed up, started to shiver, knowing that for some of 
them it was their last 30 seconds alive. The boat stopped with a harsh 
thud. Captain Freeman's whistle sounded. The ramp dropped. I ran. 


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