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Battle Of Blue Glade Fell (standard:fantasy, 2956 words)
Author: Ben MillerAdded: Aug 03 2006Views/Reads: 1610/987Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The fantacy kingdom of kings is set to eaither raise or fall with the last battle, the final battle against royle and savage. But who will win and at what costs.

The Battle of Blue Glade Fell 

It was a cold day. Clouds of warm condensation passed each man's lips,
while horses became restless at their spots. The Silver knights waited 
for the first battle to begin, the first, they hoped that would be the 
last. Their generous King, that had been so free in giving to the 
savages of Blue Glade Fell, had backfired drastically. A plan that was 
to reunite the kingdoms failed miserably. They now used the honourable 
intentions of the weakening King to their advantage, turning the lands 
from lush green scenery to nothing but mud and rock, and it was them 
now unfamiliar booby trapped lands that they found themselves ready to 
fight upon. 

Gabriel turned his horse in a full circle, kicking it on in a raging
gallop across the first row of soldiers. His lagoon, green eyes were 
set on another figure sat on a black horse dressed in a pale blue 
armour, the General! 

Striding up a small grassy verge he pulled his horse next to his
supervisors, however, it was no man that glanced back at him but a 
woman. Her name was Lillyanna but to her noble men she was known as the 
“War Princess,” the Kings only child. 

She was not only incredibly brave but also incredibly beautiful. Her
long blonde hair could not be seen, on the eve of the savages battle, 
it usually was wound up in bunches that shone as bright as any gold 
coin framing her perfectly shaped face. Gabriel couldn't understand why 
such a natural beauty wanted to witness such bloodshed. 

“The men are ready your Highness” 

Gabriel's overpowering voice hung in the clammy air around them  making
Lilly turn to him. She nodded, only slightly, her shining blue eyes 
left him to whisper in to the horses ear, the beast instantly moved 

“My most noble men, you have ridden with me once before and won! I prey
to the heavens that their magnanimous hand will stretch forward again 
and grant us this victory also.” 

She addressed her men, all of them roaring with approval. Gabriel
glanced to Lilly one more time before both in perfect unison faced the 

In the distance, armed with clubs and stone catapults were the dreaded
savages, a group of uncivilised men and woman who were once persecuted 
by the old royal democracy, now they were a vicious brutal force to be 
reckoned with. Their leader , a hairy wild man, by the name of Maw. His 
hazel eyes shone with madness and his fierce long beard seemed to fight 
to get away from his mudded unclean face. Maw's garments reflected how 
the large man dressed himself off the land. A fur cloak, which held a 
set of threatening antlers on the head, made him resemble some sort of 
creature of hell. His clothes were nothing but rags tatted and holey 
from years of neglect of living rough in the wild. The weapon he chose 
to fight with was an over sized mallet made from the thick black wood 
of a giant zome tree. Proud ancient trees that the savages have no 
conscience of chopping down, to make their weapons of destruction. Maw 
did not have to address his troops. No his people were far from 
civilised, years of inbreeding triggered a constant rage within them. 
His men's mouths foamed from excitement and their standing stomps 
echoed over the fields like thunder on an open plain, or drums pounding 
before the crash of the cymbals. 

However, as frightening it was to face such an enemy the beasts they
rode were just as terrifying as their riders. Immense bulls far 
muscular and larger then a horse, they carried a broad head that was 
crowned with a set of polished black horns, they pointed forward over 
their yellow, glowing, fierce eyes like spears carried by a jouster. 
The creatures extended bottom jaw, harvested shark like razor teeth, 
where in the corners of the mouth were the retractable pincer teeth 
that drooled and slavered with horrific calls to it brethren. Their 
bodies were uneven, their thick set front legs dwarfed the smaller 
trunk limbs behind, standing them like a disproportional mammal known 
as a hyena. They were the beasts of the savage and their bulky frames 
would disillusion the swift riders of the horses. Well that was what 

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