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The Angel of Light (standard:fantasy, 4118 words)
Author: ChanceyAdded: Aug 04 2006Views/Reads: 2018/1303Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a story about a girl who is blessed with magic powers after a war that destroys the world as we know it. She uses her powers to help the less fortunate of the new world.

Angel of Light 

The world has come a long way in the last five years.  Probably not in
the right direction either.  I was Kirstin Redding, in that other 
world, the world that you would consider normal.  I am no longer 
Kirstin, and this is no longer that world.  Five years ago, the largest 
war the world has ever seen broke out in the middle east.  I was 
twenty-three years old at the time.  I was an overweight school 
teacher, married young and tolerating life as it was.  I never kept up 
with the political non-sense they have on the television all the time, 
but this time everyone listened.  Apparently, some sort of Gihad had 
broken out, which in and of itself was nothing new.  This time however, 
it was bad, they were using strange new weapons on each other, weapons 
that were creating mass disturbances everywhere.  It was less than a 
week from the time I first heard that new announcement that the whole 
world had changed drastically. 

The United States had gotten into that war almost immediately, as had
England, France, Spain, and almost every other country in the world.  
Before anyone knew exactly what was really going on, everything was 
burning dust and debri.  Even in the United States, things were burning 
and all the major cities were gone.  Every available adult male was 
fighting in the war, and all the women and children were starving. 

My parents had brought me up on a farm, however, and we always had
enough food canned for emergencies.  As soon as the war was over, 
things were even more strange.  All the soldiers that were left, be it 
American, English, Spanish, Middle Eastern, Chinese, or Japenese, they 
formed an elite upper class of people, and then continued on to abduct 
and turn normal people into slaves.  It was a nightmare.  The soldiers 
especially like children, for they could easily mold children into 
exactly what they wanted them to be.  It was a dangerous time for all 
people.   Even the soldiers were not safe, for they turned on each 
other quite frequently. 

Meanwhile, I was learning of the hand that fate had dealt me. 
Apparently, when the war had started, it was decided by those in heaven 
that I should have some special and powerful gifts.  I realized while I 
was in the garden one day.  I could make plants grow simply by touching 
them.  This led to several other unusual discoveries, such as the fact 
that I could now make myself invisible, climb trees with lightening 
speed, and transfer things from one place to another without touching 
them.  I also realized that I could make things other than myself 
invisible, and then move them around while they were invisible.  Then 
one day, while I was walking in the forest surrounding my home, I 
happened up on a very unfreindly wild boar, who immediately proceeded 
to try to attack me.  It was at this point that I also realized that I 
could put animals to sleep.   I am not sure how I do it, just that one 
second the angry boar was charging me, meaning to rip me to shreds, and 
the next minute he was snoring on the leaf carpet in the forest. 

Even though I had special powers they did not do me a great deal of good
in general.  Of course the growing power was very useful, considering 
that I was living from the garden, but the rest of the powers were just 
about useless.  I never saw very many other people to use them on.  I 
was actually glad that I did not because most of the people in this new 
world were dangerous, or so I thought. 

Then one night as I lay sleeping, I had a very vivid dream.  In the
dream, a princess of light came to me and explained what was going to 
happen in the next several years.  First, she told me there would be a 
migrating of certain people into my domain, and that they were sent to 
me via similar dreams to the one that I was having.  It was sort of a 
spiritual calling, I suppose, and that when they arrived we must all 
build a special secret dwelling for all of us to have a place to sleep 
and live, and that the place should have many common conveniences, such 
as electricity and plumbing.  The next step would be to set up a sort 
of community in this place that must be secret and unfindable, for soon 
we would have many enemies.  She said that I was to use my powers to 
protect, and hide our secret living place from the outside world.  She 
stressed that the place should be unfindable unless I wanted it found, 
and only those who pass my inspection should be allowed inside.  The 
next part of my vision was the most disturbing of all, at that time.  
She said that I was going to foil the soldiers and steal thier slaves.  
I gasped.  I was not a wimp, but nor was I a super hero, and even 

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