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Willow's Magical Escape (standard:fairy tales, 10648 words)
Author: ChanceyAdded: Aug 08 2006Views/Reads: 2616/1872Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Willow finds herself on a magical journey to Fantasy Land to find out who she truly is. On the way, she receives help from all her childhood heroes.

Willow's Magical Escape 

Willow was six when her father died.  He had what the adults called
cancer, but Willow knew that it was not cancer that killed him, but the 
dark monsters of the world they lived in.  Adults could not see the 
dark monsters, they were dark grey, like shadows, and they sulked in 
ever corner that was not filled with light.  They watched people some, 
but they especially watched children and adults who understood 
children.  That was why they had come for her father.  Willow was a 
child, and to beleive in fairies, witches, goblins and such was okay 
for her, although the dark monsters still watched the children who 
beleived, they never did anything to them.  Her father, however was old 
enough to do something about it, or maybe he was something to the 
fantasy realm, Willow did not know, but whatever he was, he was a 
threat to the dark monsters, and they could do awful things to you, if 
you were a threat to them. 

Willow did not know what her father had to do with the fantasy realm,
but she knew that he must have something to do with it because he knew 
all the stories about that place.  Her father was the one who told her 
all the stories about it.  He was the one who explained fairies and 
witches to her, and he also told her how to tell the good fairies and 
witches from the bad fairies and witches. 

When Willow had tried to explain to her mother, Mary, what her father
had been telling her and what had really happened to him, her mother 
told her it was silliness, simple childhood fantasy.  Willow knew that 
it just was not true, and she was determined to find some way to prove 
it.  Monthes passed, and the relationship between herself and her 
mother dwindled, her mother grew tired of the girl, and did not have 
much patience with the fact that she was so like her father and so 
unlike herself.  In time she grew to hate the child, in a way that it 
was unfathomable to hate your own child.  It was in this way that she 
took out the fact that Willow had never been her biological child, 
although it was not something that she could ever tell Willow, or 
anyone else, for though she may hate the child that her husband had 
brought home so long ago, she loved her husband, and would never let 
his secret out.  Therefore, it was a secret she would take to her 
grave.  The fact of the matter was that after her and her husband had 
been married for many happy years, he continued to go away, sometimes 
for long periods of time, without informing his young wife where he was 
going or what he was doing.  After one of his trips that was 
exceptionally long, he had returned with Willow, telling his adoring 
wife that she was his child, and that she was not safe with her own 
biological mother, for she was the first child born of two different 
worlds.  At the time, he had promised Mary that he would never leave 
their home again to journey to that other place, and that had been 
enough for Mary to accept the child as her own.  At that time, Mary had 
loved the beautiful child.  In fact the child was the most beautiful 
Mary had ever seen.  Her curly, honey-gold hair framed her heart shaped 
face, and brought out her deep, bright blue eyes.  Her lips were always 
smiling, and she had a way of winning a heart.  She was so bubbly and 
full of life, and Mary got so many compliments on her, that indeed the 
child was more of a blessing than a curse.  That was when her beloved 
husband, her beloved Charles had been alive.  They had been the happy 
family, however there was nothing in the deal that said that Mary was 
going to be strapped with a silly, disobedient, sprite of a child all 
by herself in the future. 

Mary found herself quite angry at the whole situation, and frantically
wishing that the girls true mother would come for her one day, although 
she did not even know who the lady was, or if she was even still 
living.  In truth, she knew nothing of the childs birth mother, or even 
if the child had actually been her husbands.  She supposed it was a 
secret she would never be privy to. 

While Mary was busy hiring nannies and tutors to take the child into
hand, and keep her away and occupied, Mary was battling with the bottle 
more and more every day, and her and the child were growing more and 
more distant, which was exactly as Mary wanted it.  She was tired of 
dealing with her, and tired of lying about her birth, and her place in 
the world. 

Willow was also noticing the rift that Mary was creating, and ceased
calling her mother, favoring Mary, since to Willows way of thing, Mary 

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