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Best Friends...Forever. (standard:romance, 906 words)
Author: PoetryGyrl2003Added: Feb 13 2001Views/Reads: 2256/2Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I love him more than life itself. For along time, he didnt feel the same.

He is my best friend. His name is Michael. We met in the 8th grade, both
misfits at a new school unknown to either of us. At first, we were 
almost enemies. He started dating a girl that I sincerely hated. I 
would call him mean names like "skank" and "queer" because I was so 
jealous of the relationship that he and her had. I didn't realize how 
much I cared forr him at the time; I just thought I hated him for 
liking her and not me. 

We left 8th grade on bad terms. For some unknown reason, we were cruel
to each other. I went up to Indiana for the summer, as I always do, and 
when I got back, Michael was there. Waiting for me. We acted like we 
were best friends all our lives. He would call me everyday, and usually 
come over. We went to Freshman orientation together,and our parents 
became friends. It was a dream come true for me. 

At the beginning of Freshman year, me and Michael latched on to each
other for support. Living in a town that did not really appreciate new 
kids, we had only one other friend, and that was Crystal. We were our 
own little group. All we needed was each other. 

Toward the middle of September, Michael cchanged towards me. He became
flirtatious and affectionate. We would kiss sometimes, hold hands, and 
when we were alone, we would cuddle. I gulped the affection up, not 
knowing when it would end. Hoping it never would. 

Then, SHE, happened. Michael started to go out with another girl. I
thought at first that it was a joke. Michael couldnt possibly love her: 
he had me, damn it! We used to spend any free time we had with each 
other. Now his was spent with her. He called HER every night. He spent 
his weekends with HER. I was left out in the cold. 

I decided it was better if I became her friend. She was online alot, so
that was where we became friends. She thought I cherished her, when in 
fact, all I wanted was as much info as I could about their 
relationship. It was manipulative and vindictive, but in love and war, 
there are no boundaries. 

Disaster struck. One weekend, Michael was staying down at her house. I
was talking to him online, and everything was going fine, until I said 
"Dream of Me." I always said that to him, but his girl got angry. In 
return, Michael got angry. He said the meanest things he could to me. 
He used every secret I told him, against me. He said the things he knew 
would kill me inside. It did. I wanted to die. 

I was thinking about ending my life, when my friend Crystal called. She
wanted to know what was wrong, and she knew by the tone of my voice 
that it was Michael. She begged and pleaded with me not to, but I didnt 
care. She finally called my ex-love and tried to have him talk to me. 
He kept giving me compliments, but with each one, I would cry back, 
"You didnt even want me. I wasnt even good enough for you." 

Me and Michael didnt talk for a long time after that. He and the girl
broke up, and he later told me he never liked her. It didnt matter to 
me. He broke my heart. We would have small talk, but it wasnt the same. 
It was a long time before we became true friends again. 

I went up to my dad's again for the summer, and it seems they work
miracles for me and Michael. When I got back, he started calling again. 
He never apologized for what he said, and what he did, but he started 
talking to me again. 

One day, I got the courage to go to his house. The last time he seen me,
I was a tom boy. I wore my hair down and straight, and wore big baggy 
clothes. I decided to give him a shock. I had changed over the summer, 
and grown into a beautiful young woman. I dressed in a flowered halter 
top, and tight flare pants, and did my hair. 

I walked into his house with confidence I didnt know existed. I brushed
off his attempts at flirting, and we just hung out. As I was walking 
out the door, I looked over my shoulder at him and said, "Nope, 
Michael. I just realized I wont be lowering my standards for you 
anymore." And out the door I went. 

I think Michael knowing he couldnt get to me, brought us closer. We
became tighter than ever, and his mom started letting him use the car 
to come pick me up. We would spend hours talking, and we became best 
friends once again. We will forever be that way. 

Michael never used to open up to me. Now, he tells me everyday how much
he loves me. He tells me that I am the closest friend he will ever 
have. When he cries, I am the one he calls. When he laughs, I am 
usually the one making him. When he is angry, he talks to me about his 
problems. That is what best friends are all about. That is what WE are 
all about. 

Me and Michael will be friends forever. Maybe...something more. 

©Jessica Truesdell 2001 


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