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Practice Package (standard:adventure, 1212 words)
Author: writergurllwAdded: Aug 12 2006Views/Reads: 1808/1132Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a short story collection of a variety of genre's. The one you will see is Action/adventure. He took everything important to him away, now it's his time to get payback.


Assignment Revenge 

Beads of sweat dripped down his forehead, the man he had been searching
for was finally found; the man who had stole everything from him. This 
was one case he had wished he fully thought about before taking. A 
whole crew of men lay undoubtfully injured on the ground, the majority 
hurt but even some dead. The ones that hadn't died instantly knew that 
no one would come and rescue them. The fight was unfair. Life was 
unfair. He found himself feeling cowardice, wanting to be put at peace 
with those who died for an unworthy cause, for those who wouldn't be 
able to go back home to a family. 

Than he thought about his family. 

A new motivation over came his body, he was once again the man that beat
this whole crew all on his own. He was doing this for his family, for 
his beautiful wife that never got the chance to publish that book of 
hers, for his twin girls that never got a chance to pursue a singing 
career, for his son who never got to taste what Yale University was 
like. Most of all he was doing this for himself, it was the only way he 
felt like he was saying a proper I love you for all those years he 
hadn't been the best father, the best husband. 

“Wow Jonathon, I hadn't recalled you at once being so strong. It's
remarkable to believe that I might even have a real challenge.” 

“Stop talking so much and get to the battle,” he growled. He hadn't
remembered the last time he felt so much hatred towards one individual. 

A playful smile slowly made its way on the others mouth. Jonathon
grimaced at such a gesture. Had this man just realized all his men were 
sprawled out on the ground, crying for help, dying? Had this man no 

The two of them were separated by the field of bodies, it was dead
silent. Even the wind was groaning of pain. Who was to attack first? 

The suspense was too much for John, he hadn't come here to stare, he
hadn't come here to think, he came here to fight the one who ruined his 
life. Running like a mad man he charged at his target full force but he 
wasn't surprised when the all the man did was fluently step out the 
way. John knew the man was talented, he was able to persecute a small 
innocent town within an hour, and that was all his own. 

He hated that the man kept playing such games with him; that the man
wasn't taking him serious. 

“Ezekiel,” John had hated saying his name. It brought such a horrible
taste to his mouth, “You think I came all the way here to play games 
with you? Why don't you fight back?” 

Ezekiel stood there for a moment, as if he had something to think about.
John gravely studied Ezekiel's back. It was the only thing he could 
think of doing that didn't involve his getting revenge. Soon enough the 
murderer turned face to face with the man he had ticked off. Oddly, the 
two of them looked alike, sharing a few resemblances here and there. 
For one they were both intimidating when it came to their height, and 
standing close enough to each other you could actually say they 
measured the same. Ezekiel's face was a tanned color and if Jonathon 
hadn't been so angered and depressed his face color would be the same 
as his. Their bodies were also well taken care of but that came along 
with their jobs. The similarities stopped there as Ezekiel's hair was 
long, black, and in a ponytail; his eyes were a greenish-bluish color. 
He looked like an innocent little kid yet he was older than John. 
Jonathon had gray mysterious eyes and very short blond hair that looked 
messy because lack of care to do it. They could almost be brothers. 

“I know why you're here John.” 

It was all that Ezekiel had said until another smile snuck its way on
his face. 

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