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Forgotten (standard:poetry, 163 words)
Author: GrimAdded: Aug 27 2006Views/Reads: 2250/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
If you have ever been at a particular point in your life were you wished you could block the rest of the world out. So that you could be left to simmer in your own solitude for awhile. Then I think you will like this poem.


Cold cruel concrete manifested by sweat blood and tears. Each stone set
with the precision of a mad man. Countless hours wasted upon fruitless 
labor. And still I cannot rest. 

Dark clouds of doubt swirl upon me. Wind thrashes against my ambitions.
I taste the bitter flavor of defeat, and grin in its wake. My eyes 
fiery with the sparks of determination. 

I must not stop until all sound has been eradicated. I will not sleep
unless the dark is too my liking. The wall I build blocks all light, 
diminishing my every dream. Self destruction  is not my goal, I only 
wish to be alone. 

So day by day I build my cell, With mental blocks plucked from hell. My
heart is stone and so my home, my final resting spot. My love is lost 
but not forgotten, though insides are black and rotten. I am but a 
whisper in a sea of screams, a nightmare in the wake of dreams. 


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