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In my eyes (standard:poetry, 156 words)
Author: GrimAdded: Aug 27 2006Views/Reads: 2799/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
If I step back and try to view the world from a biblical stand point, sadly this is what I see. Take a look maybe will agree or not?

In my eyes 

So slowly the world creaks upon its ancient hinges. Swirling towards
it's  inevitable ending, the universe merely watches while cringing. 
There is no laughter nor weeping involved. Only and icy silence, has 
quietly evolved. 

Do we dare hold or breathe, in the wake of this tide. Hold out for light
in these darkest of times. Surly will suffocate in the midst of our 
prime. Waking to find, death has collected the best of our kind. 

Darkness spans across the lambs, The wolf merely waits upon our gates.
Blood he whispers brimming with Joy. Hope is his prison, his sentence 
nearly up. Patiently he waits for us to tip the cup. 

I feel this in the air, I see it in our eyes. Wildly we contest and
stubbornly deny. Deep down the truth has begun to fester, turning 
slowly towards a blister. For which we cannot help but pop. For that is 
human nature. 


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