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Another New Day (standard:mystery, 1018 words)
Author: Alex HayesAdded: Sep 12 2006Views/Reads: 2158/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
One mans experiences lead to uncontrolled illusions.

Another New Day 

I had been standing near the freight elevator door for at least five
minutes when suddenly a bell rang out and the door opened in a very 
shaky manner.  I walked into the dimly lighted cubicle shyly smiling at 
a group of images at the back as I quickly turned to the numbered panel 
and pushed the button for my exit floor. I was never a big fan of 
riding in elevators, it always reminded me of going to the dentist, so 
like many people I stared at the overhead numbers or the floor during 
the trip. 

The elevator started to descend rapidly and immediately following the
downward drop in motion I began to witness a spectacle eclipsing 
reality. The images that I had shyly acknowledged and smiled at upon 
entering the elevator had become animated and were engaged in a mortal 
battle between one another.  This was not a human foray, but a slugfest 
between what appeared to be display mannequins. 

The mannequins were totally ignoring my presence while being involved in
a fever of crushing one another with their disjointed limbs.  The 
clashing and bashing of the plastic parts became deafening as I was 
franticly pushing every button on the control panel to stop the 
elevator at any floor.  Finally, after what seemed like hours the 
elevator stopped at the basement.  The door slid open slowly and I 
bolted outside looking back just long enough to see the remains of a 
mannequin massacre piled up on the elevator floor.  It was very 
difficult for me to imagine what had triggered this rage.  One thought 
did cross my mind; that this could have been some kind of protest 
towards their display director. 

I was in a state of shock as I hastily walked away from this intrusion
into my brain.  I located my car and had no sooner started the engine 
and from nowhere two police officers appeared standing next to the car. 
 The first officer introduced himself and his partner and asked me if I 
would mind answering some questions concerning my whereabouts 
yesterday. I replied no that I didn't mind; I had nothing to hide. I 
was just glad that they had no questions about the elevator incident. 

The first officer asked if I owned a rifle and I said no.  This answer
seemed to stimulate the second officer to ask if I had ever visited a 
hillside neighborhood that overlooked the freeway.  I replied no and 
that I was new to the area and had never heard of the neighborhood in 
question.  The response from the officer came in the form of an 
accusation from a witness living in the neighborhood. The witness 
stated that he saw me with a high-powered rifle hiding in the brush 
shooting at the front bumpers of passing cars on the freeway, causing 
the airbags to deploy followed by mass chaos and disaster on the 

I proceeded to explain to the officers that I keep very busy during the
day and most of the night writing stories for submission to web sites.  
My hope is that someday a great writer will read my simple stories and 
ask me about using some of the basic plots for a novel or an unusual 
film.  There is no way that I could have been involved with airbag 
sniping and as I reached to turn off the ignition I looked back and 
noticed that the officers had disappeared as quickly as they had first 

Suddenly this ordeal with the officers opened a gate in my memory banks
about the time I read about a psycho patient who had escaped from his 
ward and fled into the local town and stole a pick-up truck.  He 
started driving on the freeways late at night tossing small pieces of 
pipe, plastic bottles, and other cylindrical objects onto the roads.  
Some say that this idea created the worst traffic jams in the country's 
history and literally started to collapse the bomb security services 

During the excitement with the traffic jams on the freeways another
incident occurred involving a couple of good friends of mine who worked 
for the local paramedic service. They got a call to roll on a car crash 
off the side of a mountain road in a ditch.  They arrived just as the 
car exploded into flames with no way to help anyone inside the car. The 
scary thing about the scene was that they recognized the car as one of 
their old high school buddies. They began talking about the fact that 
their buddy might not be alive after such an accident.  My paramedic 
friends talked to the dispatcher about the situation and they were 
advised to stand by for further directions.  All of a sudden there was 
a thunderous pounding on the back doors of the ambulance.  The 
paramedics opened the back doors and were shocked to see that it was 
their buddy from high school.  He told them about drinking too much and 
used poor judgement navigating the curve along this part of the 
mountain road.  He hit a boulder and was ejected from the car just 
before the fiery crash. He just needed them to hide him in the 
ambulance from the sheriff.  This idea would not work for the 
paramedics, they were very happy that he had survived the crash, but 
there was no way to hide him from the authorities. He replied that we 
had to help him, because we were brothers and he could prove the 
relationship by looking at our navels. Everyone has a navel, which 
shows that we humans came from someone else through all of earthly time 
and that simple fact makes everyone related.  Later that morning the 
sheriff found out that he was alive and being treated at the ambulance. 
The high school buddy was arrested for drugs and reckless driving. 

There was a gigantic ka-boom and roll of thunder, which woke me from a
cold sweat. Several times the lightning struck and flashed and that's 
when I knew I had been morphing through another uncontrollable dream. 


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