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Hold On To The Years (standard:Inspirational stories, 808 words)
Author: Cheryl AnnAdded: Sep 20 2006Views/Reads: 2560/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a Short Story I wrote about my brother. It contains my true thoughts about this wonderful person, I only hope it can inspire you to care for those you love while you still have the time.


I recently found out that my brother whom I love dearly will most likely
not be really here with me as I continue my life here on earth.  There 
is an illness that has been torturing his poor mind for years and has 
now escalated to the point where we can only pray that medication can 
stop the deterioration now.  If not He might not know who I am in 5 
years but far worse He won't know who he is. All who believe please 
pray for my brother and his family, he is only 45.  I come from a large 
family but it was not like the great families you see on TV etc.  My 
Brother Bob and I have always loved each other dearly for no particular 
reason, it just happened. I wrote this for Both of us. I only Hope if 
it touches you in some way, you may be kinder, more patient and most of 
all cherish the people in your life that you love and care for.  We 
really don't know if tomorrow will come, we only pray to see the 
sunrise of a new day, and one more chance to make it right.  These are 
my feelings for my fine brother. 


I look at you and I wonder what you wonder, are you there today or are
you gone.  So many fleeting memories flow through my mind, like flashes 
of light, life moves so quickly. 

So many memories, so many shared moments, so much love, so much comfort,
so much shared pain.  Our shared pain and loneliness brought us 
together in a way that too many people will never understand.  Ours is 
not a romantic love it is a pure love, an unconditional acceptance of 
each other.  You are my Brother, my Friend, my Confidant, my 
Encouragement and my greatest supporter. 

I don't remember a day where a cross word was mentioned between us that
wasn't forgiven before we slept that night.  We were young together and 
we are supposed to grow old together.  We are supposed to share our 
families, our successes and our failures.  We were to lift each other 
up and to laugh at anything and everything even ourselves. 

Please don't go away.  I know you hear me even though sometimes you
can't see me or acknowledge my presence.  I live in your heart and I 
know I am in your memory walking beside you.  I live for those days 
when you are here, really here, not lost in the illness that takes you 
further away from me each day.  You told me today you would fight this. 
 I am going to hold you to that, and when you can no longer fight I 
will be right there to take your hand and pull you out of the void you 
have fallen into. 

I need you to hang on.  I need you to see me happy.  All you have ever
seen is my pain and misery and deep deep betrayal by those I have given 
my heart to.  Oh there were moments of happiness but they were few and 
never long lasting.  You were always there to tell me it would be okay, 
that I deserved better, that God would grant me the joy I deserve.  I 
can't do this alone; I cannot imagine you not being with me when I am 
finally at peace and happy in my life. 

You have been there through the trials of my life.  Surely you should be
there when I finally achieve true happiness.  The long lasting kind 
like you have with your wife.  You said that to me.  You prayed that 
for me.  I am entering a time in my life when it looks like I am 
nearing the top of my Mountain and there will only be good and 
wonderful memories and plans to share with you.  You have to give me 
away to the man God chooses for me. 

You have to look in my eyes and see me and remember me and know that you
have helped me to make this journey.  Without you I would not have 
survived.  I would have given up and would have become bitter and angry 
and without hope. 

You are my Knight in Shining Armor.  Please stay and share the rest of
my life with me.  This is going to be my Best Time.  I am finally whole 
and feel worthy of giving and receiving love.  If it had not been for 
you, I would still be the lost lonely, scared child I was when we were 
growing up. 

STAY.  Let me see the light that is you more and more each day.  And if
that light should dim, let me help you find your way back.  I love you, 
you are my Brother.  Remember me, I am your Sister 


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