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The Sun Shining on the Yellow Cat (standard:mystery, 749 words)
Author: Alex HayesAdded: Sep 25 2006Views/Reads: 2485/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The comfort of ones life should never be taken for granted.

The Sun shining on the Yellow Cat 

The rays of sunlight were slicing through the bedroom window blinds and
started to warm my back. I was half- awake and daydreaming in the 
warmth of the sun saturating my blanket and tingling the tissues of my 
skin. The thought that 93 million miles separated the radiating warmth 
of the sun from my back never ceases to amaze me. Indeed it felt great 
on this chilly morning. 

Seconds before the phone rang, my cat jumped up on the bed and started
purring in my ear, which meant, “good morning, I'd like breakfast” in 
cat conversation.  I answered the phone while dishing up some 
Purrrrfect cat food for Henry the cat.  The voice on the other end 
confessed that he was my brother and not a salesperson working the 
graveyard shift. He wanted to know how I was doing since I got my 
reduction in force notice a week ago. 

I replied that I was in good spirits and doing OK for my first week at
being unemployed and I've been busy looking for work, which is a very 
disheartening drag at times.  My brother suggested that we meet for 
lunch this afternoon and we could discuss the possibility of a career 
change immediately.  I said that sounded like a great idea and I would 
meet him at the café in about one hour. 

I showered, shaved, dressed, drink some juice, scanned the e-mail and I
decided to walk in the morning sunshine to the café. I felt a strong 
desire for this needed exercise before lunch. The cat was just as happy 
to be let outside to roam and nap in his world.  I latched the front 
gate to the white picket fence as I calmly looked back at my cozy 

The walk into town was very refreshing and I enjoyed greeting some of
the people in my neighborhood whom I hadn't seen for some time. I had 
plenty of time to make it to the café for lunch, so I decided to visit 
my favorite thrift store for some cheap thrills looking for cheap 
deals.  I had no sooner opened the shop door than I spotted a very nice 
blue and red wool plaid jacket lying on the countertop.  This was a 
jacket for me if the price was right so I asked the clerk how much, 
since it wasn't tagged. The cashier lady said I could have it for seven 
dollars tax included.  I could justify this expenditure because the 
fall weather was fast approaching and I needed a heavier jacket, plus 
it appeared brand new for a very good price.  I slipped the jacket on 
and thanked the cashier lady very much and then stepped outside back 
into the warm sunlight. 

I checked my watch and the face I glanced at revealed numbers that
indicated that I might be running a bit late for my lunch meeting with 
my brother. I decided to take a shortcut through an alley that allowed 
me to be on time if not a little early.  I had just started walking 
down the alley when I heard a car speeding up behind me and a male 
voice yelling out for me to stop.  I immediately rotated my head forty- 
five degrees to see a police cruiser with lights flashing and the loud 
voice once again telling me to freeze and put my hands in the air.  I 
had no idea what this was all about and I really didn't want to hang 
around to find out, so I darted into the backdoor of the Laundromat. 
This was totally out of character for me, but my inner voice told me to 
keep moving. 

I managed to softly slip through the Laundromat crowd and exit the front
door only to see the police cruiser headed towards me.  I had no real 
intention to meet with these people for whatever reason and I decided 
to try and miss the lunch date with my brother speedily sneak back home 
and make some phone calls.  It was still a beautiful warm day and as I 
opened the gate I saw the sun shining on the yellow cat curled up on 
the porch mat.  I hung up my new jacket, got a glass of juice, and 
turned on the TV news just in time to see a citywide bulletin asking 
for help in the capture of a bank robbery fugitive wearing a wool blue 
and red plaid jacket. 


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