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Swimming Without Glasses (standard:mystery, 637 words)
Author: Alex HayesAdded: Oct 04 2006Views/Reads: 2702/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The encapsulation of human powers is a process that mankind needs to heed.

Swimming Without Glasses 

Human nature will tell one a a lot about the world o human being,but the
nature of the species is not as predictable as the worldly wizards 
would have one believe. The use of common sense and intuition are two 
of thebasic instincts that mankind abounds with through the millennium 
of galactic existence, yet these powers are very often under rated and 
hardly ever baptized into the academic process of humans. 

My intuition was working overtime with me one day trying to help me
understand the use of my common sense in order to survive the situation 
that I had become part of the critical mass.  The sun was starting to 
set on the western slope of the red rock canyon wall near the river 
that fed the sparkling water falls.  The cool breeze and refreshing 
mist from the falls started to penetrate the pores on my face.  I 
couldn't hold back the desire andy longer, so I began splashing off the 
red dust from head to toe. 

This refreshing setting brought to mind a situation that my friend Arron
and I had encountered during a driving journey across country.  We were 
running next to empty according to the fuel gauge for about fifty miles 
and then it happened, the car coughed to a stop near a shopping mall.   
We had run out of gas and the money we had stached away for fuel had 
been  happily used for food and drink.  At this ponit in time all we 
needed was enough gas for about another 100 miles and then it was home 
sweet home with family, friends, and of course back to work.  We stared 
at one another, checked out the neighborhood, listened to some birds 
singing and decided against the idea of walking around the parking lot 
begging for money for fuel.  Like a bolt of lightning a flash of light 
gave me an strange idea about how to make some bucks for fuel and get 
us back on the road home 

The plan was simple; get a bag of balloons, fill them with water and
charge people a dollar each to throw water ballons at us.  This idea 
didn't take very long to catch on, because within 30 minutes a crowd 
had gathered around and the event had taken on a carnival like 
atmosphere.  No one seemed to be bothered about spending a dollar a pop 
to get us wet and send us on our merry way.  Needless to say it was a 
desperate and saturating act in order to acquire a means to the end.  
The idea worked like a charm with everyone smiling and laughing and 
wishing us well.  As we started off down the road to the freeway I 
glanced back and noticed that balloon bathing continued with a life of 
it's own. 

My current situation felt like light years from the cross-country
ordeal. What little intuition I had was applauding me for using my 
common sense to stop for a break before sunset.  I had no idea exactly 
how many miles were stretched out ahead of me in the desert before I 
might have to give into the natural environement.  Once again my common 
sense kicked into gear and I came up with a plan for survival in this 
wasteland.  The water was going to save me and alter my sense of fear.  
The night lights in the sky were getting brighter by the minute while I 
searched for my glasses along the sandy shoreline. I had no luck 
finding the glasses so I decided that the best way to escape a possible 
life threating situation would be for me to stay in the water and swim 
without glasses. As I floated down stream that evening I felt stronger 
knowing more sbout my intuition and common sense.


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