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Playful Pups (standard:other, 665 words)
Author: wolfcriesAdded: Oct 11 2006Views/Reads: 1782/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
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Bailey is a young playful puppy.  Her mother told her if she were good
all week long, she would get a big surprise.  The week started off 
really good, Bailey did all she could to be good and behave.  Her 
sister, Lucky, was feeling jealous, because she wanted a surprise too.  
Their mom told them that it's Bailey's turn to get a surprise, and that 
next week Lucky would get one. 

“That's just not fair!” Lucky said.  “I've been good, I want a surprise
this week too!” “Next week you'll get your surprise, you have to learn 
to take turns,” Mom told little Lucky. 

Later that week, both Bailey and Lucky went outside to play.  They we're
both being on their best behavior.  There was a big red ball they took 
out to play with. They would race from one end of the yard to the other 
to see who could get to the ball the fasted.  Later, they chased each 
other around the yard playing tag.  After hours of play they were both 
so tired they had to stop and take a nap.   Their mom watched the girls 
play from the window and thought what wonderful sweet girls she had. 

After a long nap, they ate some lunch and went back out to play.  Bailey
found a squeaky toy to play with, and went off to the corner of the 
yard to play.  Lucky wanted to play with the toy too.  But instead of 
asking Bailey, Lucky just the took the toy away from Bailey.  Mom, who 
was watching the whole time, saw how naughty Lucky was.  Bailey wanted 
her toy back, so she chased after Lucky to get it back.  The two young 
puppies rolled around fighting over the squeaky toy.  They pulled and 
pulled trying to get it away from each other. 

All a sudden rrrrip, the toy tore in half.  The squeaky toy was broken. 
Both puppies started crying, and blamed each other for the broken toy.  
Mom came out the yard and talked to the two crying puppies. 

“What's wrong?” Mom asked. “She broke the toy!” Lucky said. “Did not!
You did!” Bailey said. “Well till you both can tell me the truth about 
what happened your both in trouble!” Mom scolded. 

The two puppies sat in the yard pouting and mad at each other.  After
about 30minutes, the two puppies started talking to each other and 
realized that they both were to blame for the broken toy.  If they 
hadn't been fighting over it, and if Lucky would have asked to play 
with it instead of just taking it, the toy would still be in one piece. 

Both Lucky and Bailey ran up to their mom and starting shouting at the
same time. “One at a time” mom said. Both puppies were panting and 
tried to take a deep breath and calm down a minute. Lucky said, “Mom, 
we both broke the toy.  If I had asked and not just taken it, we would 
still have the toy now” 

Then Bailey jumped in, “I was to blame too mom, I should have shared and
not fought with my sister, that was wrong” 

Mom just sat there and smiled and told both girls that they both were

“Now do you see why its so important to share and not fight?” mom asked.
“Yes” they said in unison. “Well, since you both learned how to share, 
then you can share the surprise I was going to give you” 
“Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Cried out Bailey and Lucky. 

The next morning, mom gave the two puppies a brand new yummy bone.  It
was so big that both of them could chew on it and have extra left over. 
 Both puppies were so happy that they wagged their tails and barked out 
in happiness. 

That night, both puppies went to bed sharing the same bed as they curled
up next to each other, having dreams of what new adventures they would 
have tomorrow. 


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