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The butcher Shop (standard:other, 691 words)
Author: wolfcriesAdded: Oct 11 2006Views/Reads: 2694/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
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The Butcher shop 

One Saturday afternoon Bailey went for walk by herself.  She walked down
to the butcher store to see what new treats they had hanging in the 
window.  They had all sorts of new juicy bones and giant steaks hanging 
there in the big picture window.  All that good food was making Bailey 
really hungry.  She went into the store to see what she could buy.  
Biscuits, who ran the store saw the hungry little puppy and went to 
help her find something good to eat. 

“Can I help you little one?” Biscuits asked. 

“I'm really hungry but I only have $2 dollars, what can I get?” Bailey

“I'm sorry little one, the cheapest thing we have here is $5 dollars.  I
don't have anything I can sell you.” Biscuits replied. 

“Oh okay, thank you anyway sir.” Bailey said.  Then she walked out of
the store crying.  She was so hungry, and the store smelled so good, 
she just had to get something to eat.  Outside the store she sat down 
and cried.  She had tears running down her face as her stomach rumbled. 

Bailey heard the phone ring inside the store, when she looked in the
window she saw that Biscuits went in back to answer it.  She could hear 
Biscuits talking on the phone and knew it would be a long phone call. 
“This is my chance,” Bailey thought, “I can sneak in and get a small 
bone.  I'm sure they won't miss one little bone.” 

Very quietly Bailey snuck into the store and took the smallest bone they
had.  She ran back outside and down the park to eat it.  Under a big 
shade tree, Bailey ate her bone.  She was so happy that her tummy 
wasn't hungry anymore. 

She decided to head home where she could take a nap.  On her way home
she started to feel sick.  Her tummy wasn't so happy anymore.  By the 
time Bailey got back home, she was in tears crying.  Mom came running 
up to see what was wrong. 

“What's wrong honey?” Mom asked. 

“My tummy doesn't feel good.” Bailey said. 

Bailey's mom offered her food, but Bailey couldn't eat it.  So then mom
had Bailey lay down for a nap, but Bailey couldn't sleep.  She kept 
tossing and turning and just couldn't relax.  Bailey's mom started to 
worry.  This isn't like Bailey; she's never like this. 

“Bailey, are you sure you're okay?” Mom asked again. 

“No mommy, I did something really bad.” Bailey said.  “I went to the
store where Biscuits works at, and I wanted a bone.  I was so hungry 
but I didn't have enough money. So I took a bone without asking and ran 

“You stole a bone from Biscuits store?” Mom said. 

“Yes, but now I don't feel so good.” Bailey said. 

“That's because you feel bad for stealing and not paying for what you
took.  The only way to feel good again is to tell Biscuits what you did 
and to pay for it.” Mom explained. 

Bailey and her mom went down to the store.  They saw Biscuits working
and counting the bones he had in the bin. 

“Mr. Biscuits, sir? “I'm sorry but I stole one of your bones.  I didn't
mean to, but I was so hungry.  I'll pay for it, but all I have is $2 
dollars.” Bailey stammered. 

“Oh I remember you.  You wanted to buy something from me earlier.  Well
since you came to me and told me the truth, we'll work something out.  
I'll take the $2 dollars you have and tomorrow after school you come 
and help me clean up.  I think that will make us even for the bone.” 
Biscuits told Bailey. 

“Thank you sir.  I promise never to steal anything again.” Bailey said. 

“Good girl.  Now go home with your mom and try to be good from now on.”
Biscuits said. 

“I will! I promise!  Thank you!” Bailey exclaimed. 

That night when Bailey went to bed, mom told her she was very lucky. 
That was a very bad thing to do.  “Stealing is never okay.” Mom said.  
Then kissed Bailey good night. 


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