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Being different is okay (standard:other, 436 words)
Author: wolfcriesAdded: Oct 11 2006Views/Reads: 5503/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
#4 of 4... should i keep going?

Being Different is Okay 

Lucky and Bailey were full of excitement.  Today they had a new neighbor
moving in.  As the big moving truck pulled up, Bailey and Lucky shouted 
with excitement.  Both puppies ran outside and watched the big truck 
getting unloaded.  There were so many boxes, the  puppies knew there 
would be lots of new friends to play with. 

Once the truck was done and pulled away, Bailey and Lucky got to see
their new neighbors.  A family of cats moved in next door.  The puppies 
looked at each other  and ran inside the house.  They didn't play with 
cats.  Cats are different, they only played with other puppies.  Bailey 
and Lucky were so sad, they wanted new playmates and now they had cats 
next door.  Puppies can't play with cats, can they?  Bailey and Lucky 
didn't think so. 

Lucky and Bailey's mom came out to them to see why they were in the
house. “You girls go out and play with the new neighbors” mom said “We 
can't,  they're not puppies like us, their cats!” the puppies exclaimed 
“So, what's wrong with that?”  mom questioned. “They're different mom, 
we can't play with someone who's different.” “Oh yes you can, and yes 
you will!  Both of you, right now!” mom scolded. 

Bailey and Lucky slowly walked outside towards the next door neighbors. 
A playful young kitten ran up to the puppies. “Hi!  My name is 
Sherbbie, what's yours?” the kitten asked. “Umm my name is Lucky, this 
is my sister Bailey.” Lucky said quietly. “Lets go play in my back 
yard, I've got lots of toys.” Sherbbie said. 

The two puppies  and  kitten played for hours.  There was a big slide
that went into a pool, a teeter-totter and swings.  They even made sand 
castles in the sand box.  This new friend of Lucky and Bailey's  was 
really fun.  They soon realized that it didn't matter if Sherbbie was 
different or the same.  Before they knew it was time for dinner and 
bed.  They promised to play again tomorrow and be good friends for 

Once at home, Bailey and Lucky ate dinner and told their mom all about
their new friend.  They were so happy they went over and made friends 
with the kitten.  It took mom a long time to get the puppies quiet 
enough to sleep. They talked for hours, telling mom of the games they 
all played. “See, sometimes being different can be a good thing.  
Before you know it will be tomorrow and you'll have another fun day 
with your friend.” Mom said, then kissed the puppies good night. 


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