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the craft shop (standard:non fiction, 922 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Oct 18 2006Views/Reads: 2371/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An article in the Sunday paper prompts me to take a road trip to a charming craft shop in the White Mountains. What I find there is more than just sweaters and blankets, like going back in time, where quality is a labor of love.

One Sunday morning, I am sitting at the kitchen table having my coffee
while reading the Sunday paper. I came across an article about a young 
couple that set up this rather lucrative weaving business, including 
many weaving machines and a small shop to sell their goods. Using the 
finest wool from their own sheep and a unique style to their weaving 

The result--these craftsmen create and sell sweaters, blankets, rugs and
miscellaneous items at a starting price of two hundred dollars and 
higher. This business allows only a few lucky students a year to come 
and live with them and learn their weaving secret. Total dedication to 
the craft is a must. To master this unique style of weaving is the goal 
for the student along with the emphasis on quality and patience. 

Of course, I wish I could be one of those students! Anyone is welcome to
come and browse inside their little craft shop in the remote village of 
Center Sandwich, New Hampshire. 

After reading the article, I became very eager to visit this weaving
business and learn all I could about their craft. I  admire anyone who 
could create something beautiful from everyday items. It is a wonderful 
thing to spend time doing something you really love. 

My mother agrees to come along with me on this road trip. She does not
promise I could buy anything, but I had a hunch that I should take some 
cash anyway. I write down a list of questions to ask while I am there, 
so I do not forget. I want to get a better understanding about the 
craft of weaving and learn all I can in this short visit. 

When we start on our way to Center Sandwich, I had no idea what we are
in for. The road to the shop is a back road with many large potholes in 
it. While we were dodging the potholes, we attempt to keep on course. 
Our nerves--frazzled--as we arrive at the shop about one and one half 
hours later. Luckily the car survives the trip! 

Some writer's say where there is bad there is good also. We are about to
experience a true craft shop in every sense of the word. This little 
village of Center Sandwich, New Hampshire is very charming and 
breathtaking! We  arrive at the pure white salt-box type cottage with a 
large white barn. As we approach the front door, we ring the bell and a 
young woman answers the door. We tell her that we read the article 
about the weaving business in the Sunday paper and are curious about  
the shop. She seems happy that we came and invites us inside the house 
to give us a free tour of the whole weaving operation and sales shop 
for the goods. 

The house is gorgeous! The whole house smells like apples and cinnamon
and the polished hard wood floors are decorated with colorful woven 
rugs. The walls are knotty-pine. We venture across from room to room 
until we arrive at the weaving room where the weaving machines are 
kept. I notice one student busily weaving away at a machine, working on 
a project. She tells us they accept only a few students per year but 
the students must stay with them and until they have mastered their 
weaving technique. 

One can readily see how the persistance and dedication to the craft pay
off for this business. The weaving materials, one hundred percent 
natural wool, in the most brilliant colors. I ask the woman where the 
wool comes from and she replies, "We have our own sheep and we sheer 
them ourselves. The wool is then spun and dyed naturally. Yes, you can 
learn from scratch, here, literally!" 

My curiosity not quite satisfied, I ask her to show me the shop. The
shop was filled with beautiful sweaters in every color imaginable. The 
goods are a very fine quality and very expensive. The blankets and rugs 
are amazing! "What kind of customers do you usually get here?", I ask. 

"Most any kind of customer comes to visit us. We welcome all. Some visit
us on the weekends, like yourself, looking for a bit of the old-fashion 
craftmanship and we do not disappoint! Many go home with one of our 
woven items. They go home and tell their friends and we have had 
customers that come again and again. I have a catalog if you are 
interested. We also ship our items to all fifty states!", she explains 
proudly as she put her hand over one of the colorful blankets. 

"Our goods are high-priced because they are unique, an old family secret
way of weaving, one which I, personally would like to preserve. It is 
all personal, this love of weaving. We stand behind our items, each and 
every one. All will last for years and years." 

She walks with us out to our car and told us to come back anytime. We
didn't buy anything that day, but I certainly did plan a return visit. 

I didn't even mind the bumpy ride home! Our converation in the car was
all about the weaving shop and the breathtaking scenery of the White 
Mountains. It was a well worth road trip to find out more about the 
little craft shop. 

This gem of a craft shop is truly more than meets the eye. A slice of
beauty is a creation made out of virtually nothing at all just a dream 
are indeed a labor of pure love! 


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