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Teenage Dirtbags (standard:drama, 2397 words)
Author: Ian HobsonAdded: Oct 18 2006Views/Reads: 2326/1341Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Toddy glanced in his rear-view mirror then wound his window down and showed the driver his middle fingerů WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!

Teenage Dirtbags 

©2006 Ian Hobson 

A thin cloud of exhaust smoke followed the old Ford Escort as Toddy
inched it across the crowded supermarket car park.  'Must be a fuckin 
gold mine, this place.' 

'Yeah, fuckin gold mine.'  Robbo had a habit of repeating everything
that Toddy said.  He took a cigarette packet from his shirt pocket and 
peeled off the cellophane while Toddy switched on his crackling radio 
just as a rock-song was coming to an end. 

'Shit!  Teenage Dirtbags,' said Robbo.  'I like that one.' 

'It's dirtbag, not dirtbags.  And this radio's a fuckin dirtbag!'  Toddy
added a CD-interchanger to the list of things he would buy himself once 
he had a little more cash to spend, and a better set of wheels; he had 
big plans, starting with a raid on the supermarket's cigarette kiosk. 

'You want one?'  Robbo tapped a cigarette free of the pack and offered
it to Toddy. 

'Yeah, go on then.'  Toddy took the cigarette and leaned towards Robbo
as he lit it for him.  They seemed an unlikely pair: Brian Todd was a 
short and wiry youth, while Eric Robinson was tall and very broad 
shouldered.  Both wore jeans and tops with hoods, or hoodies as they 
were usually called.  The long queue of vehicles heading for the exit 
suddenly moved forward and an impatient driver gave Toddy a sharp blast 
on his horn.  Toddy glanced in his rear-view mirror then wound his 
window down and showed the driver his middle finger before moving 
forward.  'Sit on that and swivel, you twat!' 

The vehicles came to a standstill again as the leading car gave way to
more vehicles entering the car park.  The exit lane was partially 
blocked by a large white van.  'What a time to put up a bloody sign,' 
remarked Toddy.  Two workmen were completing the erection of a sign 
beside the entrance.  'What the fuck do they need more signs for 
anyway?  It's a bigger bloody car park they need, not more bloody 

'Yeah, a bigger bloody car park.' Robbo lit his own cigarette then
turned to face Toddy.  'So what is it you want me to do?' 

Toddy looked furtively about then turned down the volume of the radio. 
'You and your dad used to go rock-climbing, yeah?' 

'Yeah, he took me a couple of times.' 

'And you've still got the climbing gear, right?' 

'Yeah, I think so.  I think it's in the attic.  Oh look!'  Robbo had
spotted a young woman walking across the car park. 

'Oh fuck!'  Toddy looked for a quick escape route, but there was none.
'What's she doing here?'  The young woman was his older sister, Anna, 
and she was headed straight for them. 

'Shopping?' suggested Robbo with a grin.  He fancied Anna, though he was
always tongue-tied when she was around; plus, she was at least two 
years older than his seventeen years and now lived with her boyfriend. 

Anna dodged between the traffic and walked up to her brother's car,
wobbling slightly on her stiletto heels.  'I didn't know you shopped 
here,' she said, as she leaned forward to see who was in the car with 
her brother. She was taller than Toddy and wearing a smart but rather 
short skirt and low-cut top.  'Oh it's you, Eric.'  She stood up 
straight again as she realised what her brother's mate was feasting his 
eyes on.  He was a well-built lad, she thought, but as thick as two 
short planks; almost as thick as her useless little brother.  'You've 
not been shop-lifting again have you?' 

'Of course not,' said Toddy, keeping his eyes fixed on the vehicles in

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