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COUSIN ANNA AND THE NIGHT STORM (Word Count 1957) (standard:drama, 1949 words)
Author: Rosie JayAdded: Oct 19 2006Views/Reads: 1988/1442Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A stormy night becomes the catalyst to new understanding and acceptance for two estranged young cousins.



Rosie Jay 

Penny was downright sullen as she sat on the window bench in her
bedroom.  Cousin Anna from the boonies would be arriving any minute 
now—for another two-week stay!  Oh, how positively boring it would be, 
just like last year! 

Why would her parents invite Cousin Anna to spend another two weeks of
prime summer vacation anyway?  But Mom’s only reply was that Anna was 
family, the only daughter of her twin sister, Aunt Katherine.  Since in 
these days and times they lived in separate states—with little time in 
their busy lives for visits—how nice it would be for their only 
daughters to know each other better. 

But Penny couldn’t care less.  That “twin” thing, that binding family
tie thing, meant nothing to her at fourteen.  As far as she was 
concerned, Anna was her dull farm girl cousin from Indiana.  It would 
be a long two weeks.  Bummer. 

“Penny, we’re home!” yelled Mom from the front door.  “The bus was on
time, but we stopped off at Bernie’s Market for a few things...Penny, 
are you there?” 

“I’m here, Mom.  I’ll be there in a minute.” 

But she would take her time.  Her sulking continued as she remembered
last year.  She literally hauled Anna around while she chummed with her 
best friend, Marlette, and, boy, was it tough!  Anna hardly knew a 
thing about anything—rock stars, hit CD’s, or even movies.  No, they 
had not one thing in common, Penny decided, her dark mood at full tilt 
now, until Mom called out again. 

“Penny, where are you?  Come and greet Anna.” 

Finally, she trudged to the kitchen.  There was Mom, putting groceries
away while Anna made feeble attempts to help.  She was even taller than 
last year, Penny noted.  Her jeans were still the same no-style kind 
and her blouse was yellow-checked, buttoned down the front.  Even her 
plain brown loafers weren’t cool at all, but at least her navy socks 
matched her belt.  Her thick blond hair was still pretty enough, but 
braided the same old way, swirled around her head.  Penny could never 
tell where those braids began or ended. 

Anna looked up, nervously.  “Hi, Penny.  Nice to see you again.” 

“Likewise,” Penny fibbed curtly, forcing a smile. 

Mom interrupted the tense exchange.  “Penny, after supper I’ll be
leaving to pick up Dad.  I hope the rain lets up by then.  What did you 
find out?” 

Penny gasped!  She’d been so consumed with Anna’s visit, she totally
forgot about her father’s homecoming after a week in California on 
business.  But, more than that, she forgot to check the weather report 
as Mom had asked, since the rain was a concern and the airport was 
fifteen miles away. 

“Well, did you remember to charge my cell phone at least?” Mom asked
again, a bit annoyed. 

Penny could only stand there.  Her non-answer was answer enough. 

“Oh, Penelope, for heaven’s sake!” Mom retorted, using her proper name
whenever she was irritated.  She sighed, glancing at the window.  “That 
rain is still coming, but I have no choice.  I’ll have to go anyway.” 

However, not even that slipup could sway Penny from her mood.  As the
afternoon droned on she glued herself to the television, openly 
ignoring Anna while she watched the soccer finals on ESPN.  Besides, 
wasn’t Anna busy in the kitchen with mom, talking about what’s new with 
Aunt Katherine?  All through the quick and easy supper of ready-made 

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