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The disturbed graves (standard:horror, 1655 words)
Author: Randy OsbourneAdded: Oct 19 2006Views/Reads: 2339/1445Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
After a night of vandalizing a graveyard, one teen soon regrets his actions.

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on his face, he walked towards Kyle.  Kyle tried to scream but no 
sounds escaped from his throat. 

He woke up in a sweat.  He remembered his dream vividly and he saw the
man had mouthed one word to him.  He was sure that the word was 

He joined his parents and sister in the kitchen after he had a shower. 
They were having lunch just as he was about to have his breakfast.  His 
father asked him what time he had arrived home and Kyle told him that 
he didn't remember.  His father then reminded him that he had to mow 
the lawn that afternoon. 

Just as Kyle put two pieces of bread in the toaster, sparks suddenly
flew from the electrical socket that it was plugged into and Kyle 
jumped back from it.  His mother was at the counter and saw the 

“Oh no.” she said.  “The toaster is on the fritz again.” 

His father looked up from his paper and said to Kyle, “What the Hell did
you do to it this time?” 

“I didn't do anything to it.” Kyle protested back. 

He then decided to have some coffee instead.  As he put the kettle on
the stove, his father then said that in the paper there had been a 
vandalism at All Hope Cemetery and there had been some gravestones 
knocked over.  Just as he finished his sentence, there was a loud bang 
on the window above the sink, and a long crack appeared on it. 

“What now?” Kyle's father asked angrily as he got up to look at the

The window looked out onto their backyard and Kyle saw the crack appear
from nowhere.  He also saw a man, the very same man in his dream 
standing in the backyard and he looked directly at him. 

“DAD! DAD!” Kyle exclaimed.  “There is some guy in out yard.” 

“Where?” his father asked as he looked out the window carefully. 
However when he looked, the man that had been there seconds ago was now 
gone.  He looked at Kyle angrily and said, “I have had enough of your 
nonsense mister!” 

“But Dad there was...” 

“I don't want to hear it.” 

The rest of that day, Kyle could have sworn that he was receiving some
sort of message from something.   When he turned on the television, the 
word confess seemed to get loud every time it was spoken.  The front 
page of paper's headlines read, “Gang member CONFESSES!”  As he mowed 
the lawn he swore that he seen the same man from his dreams a couple of 
times and each time, he stared directly at Kyle. 

He had enough and he called up Dale to tell him what was going on.  Dale
had his own story to tell Kyle. 

“This is freaking me out man.” Dale told him.  “All day this old lady
has been following me around.  I even dreamed about here last night too 
man.  I keep hearing confess, confess, and confess, in my mind.  I 
don't know what to do.” 

Kyle listened to what his friend had to say very carefully.  After a few
moments of thought, he then told Dale to call the other two, that he 
knew what he they had to do to make things right. 

Later that afternoon, the four friends along with their parents were
down at the police station where they had confessed to their crime.  
They had no prior records since they had never been caught for their 
other crimes of vandalism and it was decided that they could go home 
until their court date.  This was a relief to all of their parents 
since they were sure that their sons would be in jail for the night. 

On the way out of the courthouse, Kyle saw the man in his dreams across
the street.  The man smiled at Kyle and nodded his head.  He felt 
relived and he felt that he had done the right thing and that things 
would be okay now. 

Later that night when he went to bed, he still felt as of things were
going to work out and be okay.  He slipped between the sheets and 
started to fall asleep. 

If he knew what had happened at the graveyard earlier that day, he would
not have gone to sleep very easily.  The tombstone that he smashed was 
cleaned up and the other ones were cleaned up.  The secretary looked up 
the record for the smashed grave.  She saw something odd and asked one 
of the directors about it.  She said that there was a letter that had 
been smudged between the name of James and Jonas. 

“Oh no that's not a letter,” he explained.  “That's an & symbol.” 

“So there is not one but two people in that grave?” 

“Oh yes, the Campbell brothers. They were identical twins.  I knew about
them, mostly kept to themselves.  They were both killed at the same 
time in a car accident twelve years ago.  James was quiet and polite, 
but Jonas was one mean son of a bitch.  He was a man that you did not 
want to cross paths with.” 

Kyle felt cold, colder than he had ever felt before in his entire life. 
He thought that it was very odd since it was summer but in his room it 
felt more like winter.  He then heard a man's voice say to him, 

“Unlike my brother, I'm not so easy to forgive, and I never forget!” 

Kyle opened his eyes and saw what he believed to be the some man he saw
in his dream and kept seeing the day before.  This time he wore an evil 
grin and his eyes glowed a fiery red as they bore into him. 

Kyle then screamed in terror. 

The end. 


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