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The disturbed graves (standard:horror, 1655 words)
Author: Randy OsbourneAdded: Oct 19 2006Views/Reads: 2377/1478Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
After a night of vandalizing a graveyard, one teen soon regrets his actions.

The Disturbed Graves. 

The four friends decided to visit the graveyard just on the spur of the
moment.  Kyle parked across the street from the graveyard while his 
stoned friends piled out of the car.  There was a cool summer night 
breeze in the air as they made their way across the street laughing and 
giggling in the dark night.  They did make it across the street safely 
since there was no traffic in the dark night.  No one of them was aware 
that it was just passed midnight. 

Their intention was not to hang out or party in the cemetery.  What they
planned to do was more destructive in nature.  It was Dale that had 
suggested the idea that they go to a graveyard and tip over some 
tombstones.  Why you might ask?  There is no good reason except maybe 
they were just being rowdy typical teenagers that they were.  It didn't 
help that they were high on some weed that they had purchased earlier 
that night.  They had vandalized other places before such as schools 
and peoples sheds and cars. This would be the first time that they 
would do a cemetery. 

They brought with them cans of spray paint and a sledgehammer to knock
over the tombstones.  They had no idea why they were doing it except 
that it seemed like a good idea at the time and that it would be fun.  
Like many other teens, they did not stop to think about what the 
consequences could be. 

As they passed around another joint among themselves, they walked
through the gates of the graveyard.  Not one of them stopped to 
consider what they were doing. 

When they had finished the joint they then proceeded to kick over and
spray paint graffiti on the tombstones.  He had no idea what had put 
the idea into his mind, but Kyle then yelled to his three friends.  
“Hey you guys, check this out!” 

He took the sledgehammer and swung it hard on a gray tombstone that was
to his right.  His friends whooped and cheered as they stone tablet 
fell to the ground.  But Kyle was not done yet.  He lifted the hammer 
high over his head and then swung it back down hard.  The tombstone 
started to break into pieces as he kept swinging the hammer on it again 
and again as his friends cheered him on. 

Without warning, there was a loud crash of thunder from the sky.  It was
so loud that they four friends stood in shock.  A cold wind then howled 
through the graveyard directly at the four friends.  They had no idea 
what to do as lightning flashed out around them. 

“Let's get the Hell out of here!” Dale then yelled as he started to run
towards the gates.  His friends soon followed as it started to rain on 
them and the thunder continued to roar above them.  They ran as if the 
devil himself were on their tails. 

They got into the car and Kyle fumbled for his keys. 

“Come on man.” Joey cried. “Start this thing up!” 

Kyle did find his keys and then put them into the ignition.  When he
turned to the key to start the car, nothing happened. 

“Let's go! Let's go!”  Dave yelled. 

“I'm trying!” Kyle snapped back. 

He turned the ignition again and again.  On the fourth attempt, the
vehicle roared into life.  They quickly pulled away from the graveyard. 
 If there had been any cops on patrol on that street, they would have 
been pulled over for speeding.  There was silence in the car as Kyle 
drove each of his friends to their homes.  To him it was weird timing 
when the storm had arrived.  He then decided that they were all just 
really stoned and paranoid. 

When he was asleep in his bed, he had a strange dream.  He was back in
the graveyard and there was a man who looked to be in his late forties 
with thinning black hair and glasses looking at him.  The man pointed 
to Kyle as he stood over the remains of a broken tombstone.  With anger 

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