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A Couple of Years of Gardening (Chapter 1) (standard:romance, 1823 words) [1/10] show all parts
Author: kmr412002Updated: Apr 27 2008Views/Reads: 1848/1084Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The courtship and marriage of a detective as told by his wife.



I can hear the voice of the woman whose name I have grown to hate the
sound of during the last few weeks. I have never met her, but know more 
than I care to know about her. Of course, it's not her fault, and I can 
blame my irrational feelings on hormones. 

Jack told me a about her a few weeks ago. A new district attorney had
come on board. Martina was aggressive and had successfully prosecuted 
several tough to make cases; so she had instantly become the unit's 

I also have to admit that I have grown sort of fond of Martina. I have
to admire anyone who is in any way responsible for Jack coming home to 
me in a better mood. 

I'm waiting in the captain's office. Jack and I made plans to meet for
lunch. When I get to the department, he is on the phone, but the 
captain sees me and invites me in. He is about to become a grandfather 
for the first time and is interested in what is going on with my 

While we speak, a woman I just know has got to be Martina walks into the
unit proclaiming she is officially on vacation. Nearly everyone gathers 
around her as she speaks of her plans. She looks just as I had 
imagined; perky and blonde with the tight little suit. As I stand by 
the office window, I catch sight of my reflection. I am not perky. I am 
exhausted. I am not blonde. I am frizzy. And I don't think I have ever 
owned a tight little suit, but I feel an irrational urge to tell 
someone that I was the one who was supposed to be flying off somewhere; 
that this wasn't really me; some trick of the heart had been played on 
me and before I knew it, I was having this man's baby. 

This man. Jack is still on the phone with his hand cupped around his ear
as the noise level rises. When he finishes his call, he waves at 
Martina, and then makes his way to me and picks up my bag. When we step 
into the elevator, he pulls my head to his and kisses me more 
passionately than I expect. I ask, “What brought that on?” He looks at 
me puzzled, “What, I can't kiss my wife?” 

“The last time you kissed me like that, well, look what happened.  Just
look at me.”  I say looking down at my stomach.  I try to sound funny, 
but I don't feel funny. 

“Look at you?  I know what brought this on.  Baby, what do you think I
see when I look at you?” 

“A very tired pregnant woman?" 

He smiles chewing that ever present little piece of gum in that smartass
way that at one time annoyed me, but now fills me with sense of 
security that comes from knowing someone loves you when you haven't 
been that easy to love. 

I say, “Hey, don't you ever wish you were flying off somewhere?”  I rub
my lower back while vainly trying to keep the sarcasm from my voice. 

“What for?  All I ever wished for is right here standing next to me.” 

All of sudden, I am ashamed of my self-pity and my eyes fill with tears.
“I'm sorry. I just think I'm a little unnerved by that's happening to 
me, to us.”  He kisses my forehead and takes my arm as we leave the 

As we head to the park, I already feel better just being with him. He
smiles to himself every once and a while, like he has a wonderful 
secret. I figure he probably just finished up a case and wants to share 
what happened. 

As we approach our usual spot for lunch, Jack points to the bench by the
duck pond. “This is when I knew.” 

“Knew what?” 

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