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Sand Writing (standard:romance, 334 words)
Author: CyranoAdded: Oct 24 2006Views/Reads: 1895/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A man writing his dreams before the tide comes in.

He should leave now. The tide is finished depositing what the ocean has
discarded on this tide and is busy collecting the sun on the far. Among 
today's remnants a bottle, (no note inside,) and flotsam as far as he 
can see along the ocean's petticoat shoreline. Far off a dog is 
barking, and beyond that, his ruined kingdom and shoreline castle where 
he sits between the tides writing his love to the world. Love more 
satisfying than tongues entwined, bottom lips bitten, or hands holding 
hipbones. Some call him a loner, better that than lonely he would 

If you could match his courage, learn his ways, and agree to let him
carry you weightless through whatever it is you want, he'll one day 
show you you Jupiter...sit with you on the rings of 
Saturn...and never once will you fear the fall. He'll take you beneath 
the waves and show you a world such as you've never seen before. 

Come then... tell him which way you want to travel? 

He's more than a whirlwind upon the shore, more than a man playing his
fingers on pebbles and seashells; living in a ruined kingdom of dreams 
and fighting confusion with troubled answers. But beware, for you need 
the heart of a bull to know such a man, you need a bolt for his neck 
and a razor for the cavity in his throat, and when the time comes, when 
his eyebrows are shot together with fear and his breath becomes that of 
a dragon, then is the time you must end it for him. There is pain in 
knowing such a man, you walk the battlements of creative genius and all 
he can do is love you, love hot as lava and graceful as the willow. 

There's no hero on the shore, no knight on horseback, only a man writing
his love in the sand; a man who knows how to run from anyone daring to 
love him as much he loves them. 


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