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Dragon Breath (standard:poetry, 275 words)
Author: WaltAdded: Oct 26 2006Views/Reads: 2694/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The poet becomes a dragon . . .

Dragon Breath 

Food sex and power driving forces rooted in all males 

Lately in my slowly waning years I sense the fine distinction is
blurring the three forces melding into one consuming drive to devour 

No not devour as if to eat perhaps consume gently softly for even my
lust for food has diminished and the urge for sex more fleeting each 
day consume in a gentle way for the need of power is slanted more to 
agreeing accommodation than domination of maidens 

Yet beautiful young maidens oft times disturb the latent hormones bring
back memories of lustier days when as a young man I would want to rush 
to woo and win a fair maiden of wonderful form and supple stature that 
I now only admire from a distance 

Yet I have the power to consume maidens 

When I pick up the scent of a passing maiden whether it be the air-borne
trail I track on swirling ether of expensive perfume freed from its 
bottle and splashed on soft skin or simply fresh-washed primordial 
scent or a maiden glowing warm from exercise trailing a stream of 
bee-like pheromones who swishes by on clicking roller blades 

With nostrils flared I can inhale them and they never know of their
capture they never know of pleasures shared in secret thoughts of mine 

Dragon-like I steal their very essence and for a brief moment they are
mine but then I exhale and wish them only a bold young prince who will 
appreciate and love them as they deserve 

Food sex and power all in the blink of an appraising eye released in one
long pleasing sigh 


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