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The Note (standard:drama, 570 words)
Author: DaveAdded: Oct 29 2006Views/Reads: 1737/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An extrapolation of a situation that happened to a friend.

Naviv was a woman who's beauty bordered on perfection, both inside and
out.  She worked hard, cared deeply for people, particularly her close 
friends, and had her life on track.  Things were going well because of 
her excellent personality and great work ethic. Still, she felt more 
than a little lonely and longed for a soul-mate with whom she could 
share her successes. This particular evening, she chatted with her 
friends and made plans to go out to a local bar.  She knew, of course, 
that this wasn't the best place to meet the man of her dreams, but she 
decided to remain open to the possibility. 

Excited, she spent hours getting ready and grooming, and chose an outfit
that accentuated her beautiful curves without revealing her desperation 
to find true love.  Once she felt comfortable with her hair, outfit, 
accessories, and makeup, she gave herself one final look of approval in 
the mirror and headed out to the bar to meet her friends. 

Once inside, she found a mixed, slightly older crowd, and thoroughly
enjoyed the company of her friends and the gorgeous bartenders.  Naviv 
looked around the bar wishfully, wondering if her soul-mate might be 
near.  She spotted an extremely attractive young man, quite well 
dressed, sitting quietly at the end of the bar.  Her friends, being 
protective, asked the bartender if he knew anything about this guy. 

"Yeah, he's cool.  He comes here once in a while.  He's deaf, though." 

After chatting about him, the ladies decided that Naviv should write her
Myspace address on a napkin and just walk over there and hand it to 
him.  Reluctantly, she agreed.  She carefully wrote her web address on 
the napkin, and casually ambled over to the guy with nervous excitement 
coursing through her body.  She gently put her hand on his shoulder and 
slipped the napkin in front of him.  The guy seemed distraught, and, 
though he couldn't talk, was able to communicate with a 
what-the-hell-is-this look on his face. 

How can you not know what Myspace is, she thought to herself.  His
gestures were fairly aggressive, probably from the frustration of not 
being able to communicate with people, and the gorgeous young lady 
decided it would be best to give up on the guy.  He jotted something 
down on the napkin and handed it to her, but she was so embarrassed 
that she pocketed it and went back to her friends.  Plagued with the 
uncomfortable feeling that everyone in the bar was looking at her, she 
thanked her friends for their presence, and she made her exit. 

The whole way home, she mentally beat herself up, replaying the exchange
in her head, wondering what she could have done differently.  Was the 
outfit not right?  Did he not like my hair?  How the hell does he not 
know what Myspace is?  I can't go back to that bar...ever.  He's so 

When she finally arrived home, tired and depressed, she emptied her
pockets and remembered that the guy had written something on the 
napkin.  "He didn't even smile at me," she said to herself.  "Do I 
really need confirmation of my rejection?"  Still, curiosity pressed 
her, and she looked down at the napkin.  One side still had her Myspace 
address on it.  Nervously, she closed her eyes, and flipped the napkin 
over to face her rejection head on: 

"You're REALLY cute!  What's this web address?" 

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