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THE YOUNG TIGERS AND THE SUGAR LUMPS (standard:romance, 2898 words)
Author: siromahAdded: Oct 30 2006Views/Reads: 2099/1443Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is real story from my yearly years.


By Siromah 

A small resort on the Adriatic coast. 

The train was rolling slowly to the south, winding like a snake between
the rocks. The last three coaches were filled with teenagers from the 
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin High School in Sarajevo. They were going on a 
one-week vacation on the Adriatic. There came another tunnel. The girls 
shrieked hysterically in the pitch-dark compartments. A couple of 
minutes passed. Just enough for the young tigers who were looking 
forward to that opportunity to reach under the girls' skirts and touch 
their silky white thighs. Or to get a kiss. Or perhaps a slap in the 
face. "I love you," Goggles whispered lustfully from the corner and his 
hand travelled down to the half-naked, milk-white thighs. The girl 
sitting next to him was a living Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Her 
bright blue eyes were the colour of violets. Her eyebrows were like 
thin snakes curving below a dignified forehead. Her lips were deep red, 
like flaming ruby. Her golden tresses fell in waves on her gently 
rounded shoulders. Her breasts - two exotic hills - were the fifth and 
the sixth wonders of the world. Her flat belly was like a plain 
stretching smoothly towards her slender thighs. Her feet were so small 
and delicate that Cinderella's slippers would certainly fit them. The 
most beautiful thing about her, however, was her voice which had the 
ring of chimes. There could hardly be a sweeter, more melodious voice. 
She was definitely a goddess of love. Wherever she went, she created a 
furore. All eyes followed her: men's brimming with lust, women's with 
envy and admiration. "You're simply awful," she protested. He ran his 
fingers over the thin silk dress, following gently her body's curves. 
"You're amazing," Goggles whispered softly in her ear. "I'm crazy about 
you!" His tongue flicked down her slender neck and the girl moaned. 
"How can you be so beautiful, my love?" "Stop it... please..." she 
gasped, trying to push his hands away. "Stop it... or I'll tell the 
supervisor." She tried to put a ring of threat into her voice. The 
train came out of the tunnel and the compartment was suddenly full of 
bright sunlight. The teens promptly sat back as if nothing had 
happened. Only Goggles was late and a loud smack left a red mark on his 
face. "Who do you think you are! Brute!" The boy gave her a sullen look 
but said nothing and cringed in the corner. "I hope the supervisor 
didn't notice," he thought to himself. He already had two 
transgressions on his record. Just one more and they would kick him out 
of the school. At that point Goggles remembered his stepfather's heavy 
hand. He wiped his blurred spectacles clean and looked out of the 
compartment. The Komsomol secretary and two female teachers were 
standing outside in the corridor. Goggles could hear the maths 
teacher's hearty laughter. She was young, she had just graduated from 
the university, and she was single. Some of the students swore they had 
seen the Komsomol secretary kiss her in his office. Goggles was sure 
they were telling the truth, for he knew the guy was a notorious 
womanizer. "Goddam tomcat," the boy thought. Can't take his eyes off 
girls' legs. While he was striding up and down the classroom, he would 
watch the girls' breasts. His favourite teaching method was to make a 
girl sit in his lap while he was giving the class a lecture about the 
Communist Party... "Is everything alright?" The Komsomol secretary 
opened the compartment door and gave the teenagers a suspicious look. 
"Ana felt faint for a moment but she is much better now," the chubby 
girl sitting next to Goggles put in tactfully. Goggles licked his 
suddenly dry lips and his eyes thanked her for her resourcefulness. 
"How much longer to Cervena Zvezda?" "Another three hours and we're 
there." The supervisor pointed a finger at them. "Behave yourselves or 
you'll not be getting any television tonight." The Komsomol secretary 
went back to the corridor and resumed his flirting with the two young 
teachers. "Saved your ass, didn't I," the fat girl whispered to 
Goggles. "I'll ask you for a favour..." She hesitated for a moment. 
"When the next tunnel comes... will you please remain in your seat... 
will you do that for me please?" "Okay." Goggles frowned and thought to 
himself: why wouldn't she leave me alone that fat bitch? "I'll do 
anything in the world for you," he whispered to her instead. "Stop 
kidding me," she complained. "You never pay any attention to me. I kept 
sending you love letters and you never responded. You didn't even come 
to my birthday party!" "Please forgive me. It's my poor memory. I'm 
such a scatterbrain." Goggles tried to talk his way out of the fix. 
"You never forget when you have a date with Ana, do you? I saw you 
running your hands all over her on a bench in the park! You..." Her 

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