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the eagles will lead her home (standard:non fiction, 2336 words)
Author: silly_h_pAdded: Nov 07 2006Views/Reads: 2084/1415Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a true story about my little sister and I and the wonderful relationship we shared until the unexpected happened and she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This is my tribute to her and those who have or lost loved ones to cancer.

Shelly was a fly by the seat of your pants type person! She always had
somthing up her sleve and you never knew when she would strike! Like 
during the holidays when every one would be sitting around just 
relaxing, talking and enjoying there desserts when all of the sudden 
"smack" a big handfull of whip cream right in the face of this years 
food fight victim. She would stand there laughing and the kids would be 
scrambing to get out of the way or get in on the action, while most of 
the adults were trying to get out of the way and heard everyone out 
side so that nothing would get damaged in the house.There she would 
stand right in the middle of it all covered in whip cream smiling from 
ear to ear. Any one who really knew shelly knew better then to dare her 
to do anything because everyone knew that she wasnt afarid to try 
anything once. When a couple of her friends and her went skinny dipping 
late one night some one dared her to just drive home wrapped in only 
her towel. No problem she thought it was only a couple of miles to her 
house so she said her goodnights and proceeded to drive home.Oh yeah 
shelly has a heavy foot. On the way home she looks in the rear view 
mirror and see the multicolor lights and thinks she had better pull 
over, sure enough the cop stops and walks up to her car. Can you 
imagine the look on this mans face? here out in the middle of no where 
is a half naked woman speeding down the road for no apparent reason. I 
guess he did mentioned to her that she was speeding but it took him 
awhile to get it out. and then with a little smile on his face said 
slow down and drive safe. As shelly would say it was ok to be 
fashionably late and trust me she was always late for everything. Our 
younger brother was one of the brave men and women who did there tour 
over in Iraq, and when the local town was having there send off 
celebration the national gaurds men and women were to march onto the 
high school football field for a send off speech from the govener. Of 
course shelly was late. we were keeping our eyes opened for her so that 
she could sit by us and then the men started marching in and we thought 
oh no she is going to be really late when at the end of the group was 
our little brother marching trying to be serious and standing next to 
him marching was shelly, marching along with the men in uniform. Thank 
goodness she stopped before they actually got out onto the feild. So 
full of adventure she was. while driving home from the cities one day  
a really cute guys pulls up next to shelly and I in a really nice 
sports car and shelly couldnt help but smile and nod at him, of course 
he smiled back and then pulled ahead of us. catch him she told me, so i 
went faster so she could see him again. back and forth we went for a 
couple of miles and then he put on his blinker so that he could turn 
and shelly told me to pull up right next to him so I did, all of the 
sudden "whip" up gos her shirt. she flashed the man, you seen his head 
to a double take and we had to laugh that he almost missed his turn and 
crash! no not very safe but that was shelly! crazy! I just have this 
terrible feeling I told my husband one sunday afternoon. Well then go 
see her he told me. so I drove the fourty five minute drive that 
seperated us and When i opened the door to her house all was quiet, 
"Hello" I yelled?  I walked into the livingroom where she was laying on 
the couch with a bucket on the floor next to her. Hi I said to her. 
Phillie she said to me " I think I am dying. for some time she had not 
been well and the doctors thought it was only acid reflux syndrom that 
she was suffering from. I cant even keep down a popsicle she said. your 
not dying i told her but you put your shoes on because i want to find 
out once and for all whats wrong with you so we are going to go to the 
emergency room right now. While we were there i called our older sister 
and she came and sat with us. They addmitted shelly because she was so 
dehydrated and then they were going to run a few tests on her to see 
really what was going on. the next day they said that it looked like 
she had a blockage and they wanted to go down her throat to see what 
was going on. I took the day off of work and our step mom came to sit 
with me during the prodcedure. after a couple of hours the surgon came 
out and told me that there was a blockage where the food is suppost to 
go into the stomach( the duodenium) and he also saw a few other spots 
while he was in there. It really didnt sink in until a little later 
that what he had just told me is that my little sister had cancer! 
What? No way I thought! But it was true and they were going to have to 
reroute some of her stomach so that she could eat without throwing up. 
How was I going to tell her I thought to myself? It turned out that I 
didnt have to that the doctor did and at first her thought was also 
what? No way! All we could do then was to remain positive and that 
after the treatments they recomended she would be fine and all would be 
well again. She had a wonderful team of doctors who were taking care of 
her but they wanted to know for sure that there treatment plan was the 
best for her so they told her that she should go down to the mayo 

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