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A Letter to Humanity (standard:Creative non-fiction, 1065 words)
Author: TamarinAdded: Nov 21 2006Views/Reads: 2173/1201Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A big bolder of a letter arrives from god (yes it has a sense of humour ) to humanity read on to find out what it says .

A Letter To Humanity               By    Tamarin 

I am god, and it had been brought to my attention that you're all making
a total mess of everything. Not just a bit of a mess, but a total 
kitchen, after a rather good party that just did not want to end kind 
of mess.  How hard can it be?  You have a nice planet to live on, 
plenty of resources, you have evolved to the point where you can 
perform miracles that make the miracles I did when I was into doing 
that kind of thing, look like party tricks and all you seem to be able 
to do is fuck it up, (excuse the language but it does make me rather 

You understand a lot, but understand nothing.  You can't get along, you
squabble like children and your squabbles always seem to end in a lot 
of people being killed, starved or maimed.  Have any of you had a good 
look around, do you see any of the other creatures who have the 
misfortune to share the planet with you acting like that?  (When I say 
other creatures, I mean the ones you have not destroyed as yet).  You 
do not, and quite frankly I am very nearly out of patience with you, 
and my patience is almost infinite this should go some way to 
explaining how mad I really am. 

Your all gods creatures, yes all of you, the Christians, Jews, Muslims,
Hindus, Sheiks, those of you without any god, every last man, woman and 
child, yes even the Americans (although this may be under review so 
take note).  There are no chosen people where I am concerned, you're 
all equal, the only thing any religion on earth has got right is the 
fact there is a god, other than that you're all wrong, and have used 
your bigotry to hurt and enslave your fellow creatures, (perhaps this 
is my fault and I should of put you right a long time ago but one did 
not want to interfere). 

So I'm putting you all on probation.  Start being nice to each other or
else! (I am a god, the god, the only god that I know of, so please 
trust me when I say that you don't want to know what ELSE is, but it's 
pretty well god awful and will almost certainly involve the human race 
ceasing to exist.  (Which would I'm sure will come as a great relief to 
everything other than yourselves). 

There is no need for war; there is no need for anyone to starve.   I'm
not saying perfect, I'm saying better.  You are the same, but you're 
obsessed with superficial differences.  The colour of your skins, in 
what form you worship me, in what language you speak, on what piece of 
land you happen to live on.  Come on people get a grip, seeing it 
written down like that does it not strike you that none of that 
matters, that they are things of absolutely no consequence at all.  
Have a little respect for each other, that's all I'm asking, its not 
hard; treat each other how you yourself would like to be treated.  (Do 
you need examples I expect you do). 

Ask yourself would you like to be torn limb from limb by a missile and
see your family torn apart?  Let me guess, the answer is no.  Well 
then, and I know this is the difficult part, don't do it to someone 

How about starvation, would you like to see yourself and your children
slowly starve, getting weaker day by day, seeing there pain and 
suffering?   No?  Well then, don't let other people starve, (there is 
enough of everything to go round).  You're bright creatures you can 
work it out. 

Religion, well its probably better if I gloss over that as much as
possible, as it seems to do strange things to you, you may well be 
better off getting rid of the whole concept, as it's just  an awfully 
big stick with which to hit each other with.  You all have some pretty 
nice stories you know, the basics are pretty much the same.  Don't kill 
each other, love each other, don't walk on the other side and all that 
never really understood the don't take my name in vain bit and a lot of 
you seem to be really big on that in one way or another and it usually 
ends with a crusade or a stonning but on the whole  They're not bad 
codes with which to live your lives, and if you had left it there the 
world would be in a much better state than its in, but you're human, 
and you in your infinite wisdom, (sorry just had a coughing fit after 
using the word wisdom and human in the same sentence), decided that the 
best way to achieve love, harmony and all that, was to go to war and 

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