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Bad Brad (standard:fairy tales, 1316 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Dec 11 2006Views/Reads: 3354/1872Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Once upon a time, there was a town that was run by the Hamilton family. Bad Brad Hamilton would not smile at anyone. A contest to see who Bad Brad would smile at was started by the girls who wanted his attentions..Many tried, but only one succeeded...

Once upon a time, there was a town in a cold distant village. It had
little sunshine and most of the year was spent trying to get out of the 
cold, chilly winds. Most blustery winds, I must say! The streets were 
neat and tidy and the police saw to it that no strangers stayed longer 
than a week. Everyone knew one another and especially everyone else's 
business. Good or bad. And there were ways to find out. So most people 
were fairly predictable. 

Walking to most any place in this town only took a few minutes. The town
square was one solid block of small businesses, mostly the post office, 
a five and dime, a drug store, police and fire station (yes, they did 
both!), church and schoolhouse. The whole town looked like something 
out of a Norman Rockwell portrait, the only difference was that the 
truth of the facade came to light only through the perspective of a 
strange visitor. And not to often at that! 

At the edge of town there was a lone grocery store owned and operated by
one of the oldest families in town--the Hamilton's. The grocery store 
was in operation for almost one hundred and fifty years. From 
great-great grandfather Rex Hamilton (who is buried in the town 
cememtery with a full parade and fireworks!) to grandfather Howdy 
Hamilton who died plucking chickens during a lightning storm. Once 
again, a full parade for him and barbeque chicken and fireworks for the 
whole town. A silly town, a queer family line, but no one questioned 
anything. Just kind of shook their heads and accepted it all, like 
gospel. It seems this family could be as wacky as they were arrogant. 
The name of the grocery store was "Hamilton's Grocery"--what else--as 
there was no real imagination in the name or in them. The store shelves 
were stocked with strange stuff, like grape flavor bacon. kangaroo eggs 
Siberian coffee, Green bread and goat meat. The advertising for the 
groceries was a curiosity to strangers that were new to the town. 

One ad in a county newspaper announced: 


Well, that was enough to barrage of strangers to the Hamilton Grocery
store one fateful week. One such stranger was Anna. Anna was a quiet, 
kind of demure girl of fifteen. She rode her new red bicycle to this 
town from the next county for the simple reason that she just had to 
try the purple bacon. Purple was her favorite color. She had a purple 
room, purple color curtain...and she craved purple food. She had never, 
ever tasted purple bacon. 

The purple bacon brought her to meet the gorgeous son on the Hamilton's.
Bad Brad Hamilton. Brad was kind of the star of the store. Girls would 
come into the store and just watch him work. Many would line up and buy 
bacon by the pound just to get a smile out of this guy. But he would 
not smile at anyone. He cut his bacon and that was that. So, the girls 
in the town got together and tried to think of a way to get this Bad 
Brad to smile at them. One girl announced if someone could get him to 
smile and they would put each ten dollars in a pool and that girl would 
get the money! About one hundred girls entered the pool and each tried 
their hardest to even get Brad's attention but if he did look up from 
cutting his bacon, it was only for a flicker of a second and then he 
would go back to cutting bacon. 

The competition for his attention got fierce. Girls would come in the
store with short red skirts, makeup, perfume and high heels and strut 
over to the meat counter and bat their eye lashes at Bad Brad. Nothing 
seemed to get his attention. I mean nothing. He gave out samples once a 
week and the girls rushed over to the sample table to try a piece of 
the purple bacon. It tasted awful, to tell the truth. But each told Bad 

"This is so delicious!" 

All they heard was the sound of a cleaver, cutting up more bacon. 

Anna's intention was to try the purple bacon. Her legs were tired from
riding her bicycle all day, but no matter. She was determined to get to 
Hamilton's Grocery to try that purple bacon. It took her a day and a 
half to get there. The town was just straight ahead and she picked up 
the pace and headed into the center of town, past the church, school, 

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