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Bobby and Christmas (standard:other, 825 words)
Author: timsterAdded: Dec 16 2006Views/Reads: 1818/1139Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A young boy wonders what Christmas is all about...

Bobby and Christmas 

Bobby asked the same question every year, “If God and Santa love us so
much, why don't I get the present I ask for every year?” 

His mom never really knew how to answer the question, though it came
every Christmastime. One year her answer was, “Those who sacrifice will 
find their way to heaven”. She knew that would not satisfy him, but it 
was the best she could do. This year she did not know what her answer 
would be when the annual question came up. 

Bobby's mom, Angela, had lived alone with Bobby for several years. Her
husband left when Bobby was still in the womb. ‘Maybe if I'd been more 
caring during my pregnancy he wouldn't have left'. Angela also thought 
her thinking that way was quite the nonsense, yet deep within her mind, 
she blamed herself. 

Angela worked as a janitor at the Arco Tower in Los Angeles. She made
$6.25 an hour. Welfare families had much better Christmases than she 
did. She often wondered if it was the right thing for Bobby not to take 
welfare. They survived in a small studio apartment with a small 
kitchen. More that half of her paycheck went to rent. Her dreams of a 
house, car, and a turkey dinner for the holidays had all but 
dissipated. This Christmas meal would be a small chicken and potatoes, 
as the ones before it had been. 

Bobby was in the first grade now, going to school everyday in rag tag
clothes.  The school provided lunch because of his mom's income was so 
low. School was his escape, a place where things weren't as dreary. He 
had warm meals, and was able to play with the school's equipment. There 
were crafts, books and many things to keep his mind occupied. When the 
final bell sounded, it became another day of going home to the 

When Christmas vacation came he felt a vacuum. There was little hope
around him. Other kids had thoughts of the grand day coming before 
them. He had none. Christmas was just another void in his life. There 
were no Christmas decorations in his house, not even a tree like the 
other kids had. They talked of cookies and fudge that would be in great 
supply around their houses. His had none. 

At work, Angela was busier than usual, cleaning up after the office
parties. What she could do with a small portion of what was wasted by 
them boggled her mind. ‘A few slices of ham, yams and a slice of 
pumpkin pie would certainly make a feast for Christmas,' she thought. 
‘That tree in the corner, slowly turning brown, would be a nice 
addition to our apartment.' Because of the rules of her job, she was 
not allowed to remove anything from the premises or she'd be instantly 
terminated. She wasn't going to jeopardize her job. 

Christmas Eve, after everyone left the building except for security and
the cleaning crew, she was busy cleaning the office of the CEO of Arco. 
Gift-wrap filled trashcans. There were leftover platters of food. It 
broke her heart to have to throw away the food, but she had no choice. 
She dreamed of the feast it would make for her and Bobby for Christmas 
Dinner. Just as a small tear came to her eye, the CEO walked in. She 
was startled because all the years before, he never came in while she 
was cleaning. 

“I forgot something,” he said, looking her square in the eyes. 

The man went to his desk, pulled an envelope out of the drawer, walked
up to Angela and handed it to her. 

“Merry Christmas, Angela.” 

He turned and left the office. 

She stared at the envelope. In all the years she'd worked there, he had
never so much as acknowledged her existence. She slowly opened the 
envelope. Inside was a bright card with a picture of a Christmas tree. 
When she opened the card she found ten one-hundred dollar bills. She 
fell to her knees, tears in her eyes. When she was able to clear her 
eyes, she read the note inside. 

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