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the adventurous path #1(the great idea) (standard:adventure, 356 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Dec 29 2006Views/Reads: 1917/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
about a girl who goes on anadventure to find this magical palace in the woods but she's goes through alot of trouble to get there.

One day,there was a girl named cindy who lived in a village with her
mother and her sister maggy.One day cindy and maggy went to get some 
carrots and rabbit for their mother for rabbit stew.They went to mac's 
village store.While they were there they heard someone talking about 
this magical place way far off in the woods.They  said that there was 
alot of people who went missing in the forest when they went and tryed 
to find the place.They even said that one man was found with a 
maggonise spider bite on his neck.He was as pale as rice.These words 
sent shivers down their spines.The girls quickly ran off to get away 
from those words they had heard.Their mouths trembled in fear.When they 
got home they didn't even speak a word about what they had heard to 
their mother.after dinner that night cindy was on her way to sleep when 
all of a sudden she saw maggy jump up out of nowhere in pure 
blackness."HAAAAAAH" howled cindy.What are you doing in here you scared 
me.Just then cindy and maggy heard scratches at the door.They both 
paused in fear.They were holding each other tight when they heard a 
voice say "go to the magical place in a week,go,go,go,or i will kill 
you both.Just then they both looked at each other bugged eyed and their 
mouth dropped to the floor.OMG(oh my gosh)they both said."Cindy then 
said are we going to go like the voice said to."bu-bu-but what will mom 
say if she finds us missing. i have a plan just listen to me please 
trust me on this one."Fine but if i die,i'll hunt you for life.cindy 
said "lET's not tell anyone you hear me.Don't even talk about it 
anymore untill 7 days.then maggy studdered in fear b-b-b-buuuuut what 
about the man and the maggonise spider bite on his neck ,that could be 
us next.Their were probably exxagerating okay."FINE maggy said now i'm 
getting ready for bed and watching boston and the bear because this 
will be my last time i see it."SHUTUP cindy hollered.well you better 
get prepared for a crazy journey because here we come................


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