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"The Article" (standard:Suspense, 1244 words)
Author: amigoodAdded: Jan 17 2007Views/Reads: 2428/1206Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A pair of journalists are battling their minds along with the possibilities of other things. Can one event change a person's view forever, or is everything just a mind trick?

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“Mice,” I said.  I continued to try to convince myself of that. “Let's
just do this board thing and go back to the hotel.” Chris gave me an 
arrogant look as he sat at the opposite side of the table.  Seeing the 
pleasure in his eyes I added, “It's freezing and this house sounds like 
it is about to fall to the ground.” 

“Ahem,” he replied smugly. 

For once giving up on a fight, I shook it off. “Now what do we do?” 

“Let me,” he said as he closed his eyes, “Are there any spirits in this
room that would like to communicate with us?”  I looked anxiously 
around the room, as my palms began to sweat and I was relieved to see 
that Chris had no notice of it or he choose not to say anything.  “Mr. 
or Mrs. Kenner, are either of you here.”  The light behind us began to 
flicker a little bit, and I then ignored my urge to pull my hands away. 
 “I know you are there would you like to communicate with us? Can you 
spell?”  The board began to move, it moved to the yes circle. 

“Chris, don't kid with me I know your moving this.” I said a bit

“No, I'm not you know I wouldn't do anything like that to you, you know
me better than that.” He said, with a deep breath he continued, “Who is 
this?”  To my amazement the board moved again, I noticed the room 
getting even colder than before.  It spelled out E-M-I-L-Y-L-A-Y-E-R. 

I flinched a little with that and asked, “Didn't you say her name was

He shrugged and asked it, “Do you mean Emily Kenner?” It waited a minute
and moved to “no.”  You aren't the Emily who was married to Roy Kenner? 
 To my dismay, the board moved once again, abolishing all of my 
theories of dreaming, to spell 

“My husband killed me, I am no longer a Kenner; it is definitely Emma

“Why don't you leave this place?” Chris asked. 

It moved again I-D-O-N-O-T-W-A-N-T-T-O-N-O-W-L-E-A-V-E-M-Y-H-O-M-E. 
Suddenly a huge bang came from downstairs then upstairs.  The sound 
surrounded us then a voice as clear as day said, “Get out!”  I looked 
at Chris and we ran. 

We sprinted down the stairs I highly doubt my feet even touched the
stairs as I went down.  I was wet with perspiration when I finally 
stopped running at the end of the drive.  Chris and I both turned, that 
is when I realized the front door was already open. 

“Chris,” I said, “when we left, the door was open.  Do you think someone
was in the house doing everything?” 

“No,” he answered as he snapped a picture of the house, “Do you?” I
hesitated for a moment and simply answered, “No.” When the pictures 
came out the only thing we found was a ball of light in the master 

That night made a believer out of me.  I am a very concrete person, and
I have never been one to be scared of  horror movies, ghost stories or 
haunted houses but now I have no doubt in my mind that there are ghosts 
out there like the ones in the Kenner house.  So, I'll let you make the 
judgment, were there other people in the house messing with us?  Was 
the house haunted?  Or, was it simply the power of suggestion over my 
mind?  I'll let you make the call. 


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