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"The Article" (standard:Suspense, 1244 words)
Author: amigoodAdded: Jan 17 2007Views/Reads: 2734/1410Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A pair of journalists are battling their minds along with the possibilities of other things. Can one event change a person's view forever, or is everything just a mind trick?

The Article 

It was an out of the ordinary night, there seemed to be a certain chill
in the air.  All I could manage to concentrate on was the frigid 
weather in this particular room.  Don't get me wrong, it was cold 
outside also, but it simply seemed to have an extra chill.  I hated 
this house, for no particular reason that my concrete mind could figure 

“Lena, are you okay?” Chris asked me with his always caring voice that
for the same reason often irritated me. 

“Fine,” I said, “just a little cold.”  Thankfully, at that point in
time, I was just a little cold..  I was convinced that the stories all 
of the locals had told me had no truth at all except maybe the cruel 
acts that occurred before the rumors started to go around.  After all, 
all that “ghosts” are is proof of the human mind's weakness to the 
power of suggestion.  “So, should we get started?” I asked him.  
Knowing his answer I grabbed the thermometer and turned it on.  I just 
wanted to get this dim-witted assignment over with; I couldn't believe 
my editor would actually assign me to such a pointless project, just 
because it was Halloween time. 

Finally the thermometer came out with a temperature.  Wow, zero degrees
Fahrenheit exactly.  I believed it was supposed to be about 
twenty-eight that day.  Naturally, my solid mind dismissed this as a 
simple lapse of memory for me, so I wrote it down on the document.  
“How about you start taking some pictures,” I said, “I'll start working 
with this Ouija board.” 

“You can't,” he answered. 

“Why can't I?” I asked with a bit of an attitude, hating when people
tell me what I can and cannot do. 

“We both have to do it otherwise it won't work properly, actually it
would work better if we could some others with us but none of the 
locals were willing to come when I approached them about it.” 

“Does it matter? It's not like this is going to work or anything.” I
answered smirking a bit. 

“I don't know you may be surprised.” 

“I guess we'll see.” I sat down in the shaky chair in corner of the room
next to the old table that the original owners probably had. “So did 
you find out what really happened here?” 

“Actually yes,” he answered confidently, “it all started with a man and
his wife, the Kenners, starting a small jewelry business on the west 
side of town.  Eventually the business became very profitable for the 
couple, and it quickly grew in popularity, resulting in more stores.  
Soon enough there were, ‘Kenner Jewelry' stores all over the United 
States.  The Kenners were then among the wealthy. In fact, Emma Kenner 
became quite the socialite.  She hosted parties for every occasion. 
Unfortunately, all was not so innocent; Roy Kenner became mad and 
extremely paranoid.  This paranoia led him to the belief that Mrs. 
Kenner was having an affair with one of his coworkers.  Finally on 
October 28, 1870 he went to his coworker, Peter Pilling, and killed 
him, and then he went home and killed his wife followed by himself.  In 
the next few months, rumors flew mainly between kids that the house was 
haunted by both Mr. and Mrs. Kenner.  Also, that some nights you can 
hear them bickering with each other.” 

“Wow, so it really does have a very morbid history,” I felt an icing
breeze come through, briefly acknowledging that all the window were 
closed tightly I again dismissed it after all, it is a very drafty 
house that has been abandoned for years.  What a shame, I thought, for 
the first time really examining the house, it had amazing architecture, 
and if cleaned up it would be very beautiful. 

Bang! Chris and I both had a reflex to turn around to where the sound
came from on the other side of the door. 

“Lena, what was that?” Chris said panicked. 

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