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Space (standard:science fiction, 1158 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: Ashley KUpdated: Mar 31 2007Views/Reads: 1883/1134Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Two sisters hold the key to a war brewing in our solar system


Chapter 1 

The year is 6002 and Earth was at war with Mars, the big red planet. It
turns out their was life their. But things didn't go the way we planed. 
I'm a scientist that's under cover working to end this war. I was with 
the group of astronauts that was on the shuttle when the aliens 
attacked. The year was 5090, they didn't know that we were earthlings. 
They thought we where Pluto's army. They where at war with Pluto at the 
time. Every man and woman on that shuttle was killed except me. Not 
long after they shot are shuttle with some kind of chemical that would 
kill any thing in it's path that breathed. I know what your thinking 
though, how did I survive this if know one else did. I regretfully say 
I never found out why. But even though my tale sounds sad it has good 
things to say. So as my shuttle was hit two baby alien girls where 
born. Their names where Somnia and Anya. But in English it's Samantha 
and Annie. These girls where no ordinary aliens though. They would be 
the very miracle that earth and Mar's have been waiting for. So as I 
was landing Samantha and Annie where taking their very first breath. 
But they where also taking their first step into saving earth and 

Chapter 2 

Finally the doors swung open to the shuttle. Making a nice whooshing
sound that some how soothed me. I held my breath praying that I would 
magically disappear so I wouldn't have to face what ever was behind 
that door. But I knew their was no place to hide. Finally I stepped out 
and realized that I was in no danger. What I found was a town , a town 
filled with people. I almost began to think my wish had come true. That 
I was back on earth with all the other humans and that I had never 
stepped foot on that awful space shuttle. My mind was quickly changed 
when I began to see their cloths, their ears where pointed, and their 
noses where pointed up slightly flat. Their fingers glowed like an odd 
bright orange light bulb. I don't know how long I was standing there in 
awe of my discovery when I finally noticed it was not by mistake. I was 
tapped roughly on the shoulder, unkindly I might add, and told to 
follow this “so called” alien. I was so surprised I couldn't object to 
his rude request. So I followed mindlessly, not knowing what I was 
getting my self into. So as we walked on I then began to truly inspect 
this creature. His fingers glowed a pale green. I sighed and wondered 
curiously why his fingers where different from others of his kind. I 
chuckled not knowing that I had laughed out loud. At that moment he 
turned his head and gave me a dark stare that made me shiver. I then 
hushed my laugh and turned my attention to the ground, carefully 
studying its texture and color. I then grew bored as we walked on. I 
also felt my legs quivering from exhaustion.  I took a chance and 
blurted out “Why did you attack my shuttle.”  With that, he then turned 
around and clenched his fists as his fingertips glowed with anger. He 
then muttered something in his own tongue, then eventually he 
unclenched his fists and began to walk forward again, but with more 
speed and anger. I moaned knowing I had made a big mistake. As I walked 
on unknowingly, unsure of my future. Finally out of nowhere a big tall 
building appeared. The alien then gestured me to go inside as we 
reached the building. I hesitated for a moment then touched the cold 
icy door handle as I gathered my thoughts. The man then grunted telling 
me he was getting impatient. So without a second thought I pulled on 
the handle and walked into the building.  


3 The inside of the building was dark and misty, and smelled of mildew.
I had to pause for a moment for my eyes to adjust to the dim light. 
Before I was finished I was shoved forward forcefully, as I walked down 
the long hallway. Finally the man stopped in front of a large brass 
door with a diamond door knob. As I stepped into the small room I found 
a small rickety old bed in the corner with a dusty old fire place on 
the opposite side of the room. Their was also a ripped couch next to 
the fire that was  crawling with bugs. The man then grunted and pushed 
me into the room and slammed the door behind him. I quickly tried to 
open the door but it was locked. Slowly I searched the room looking for 
some kind of way out. There was no point in looking. Even though the 
room looked broken there was definitely no way out. I groaned as I made 
my way to the bed, noticing for the first time that I was tired . I 

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