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looking for love (standard:other, 525 words)
Author: norm yantisAdded: Jan 27 2007Views/Reads: 2183/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
why can't find happiness


There once was this fair maiden that all she wanted in life was to be
love truly by a man and to serve her God. So this maiden that we will 
call Kim goes though life sad and lonely. She is always on her knee 
asking God to put someone in her life that she can love and that loves 
her. So this goes on for a while oh lets say for years, bad marriage 
after bad marriage. She keeps asking God the same thing, why God. Why 
can't I find the one, that is going to make me happy. Well one day it 
happens God gets tired and as she sits at the kitchen table praying, 
God comes and sits with her. As they sit there together God asks her so 
what are looking for in a man. So Kim starts to name the things off 
that she is looking for. Well as she is naming these things God starts 
to make this very man. The more the man became real the less and less 
real God became. Just before God was completely gone Kim yells wait 
God, Kim ask why are you leave me and God as he fades in and out says, 
well i do not want to leave but you are asking me to leave. Kim is 
looking at this guy looks back at God  and then back to the guy, he 
looks just like she wants, he saying the things she wants to hear, he 
even has a bible in hand asking her go to church, then she looks at God 
and ask why are you leaving, he is a godly man? I not leaving cause him 
then God looks at Kim and says I m leaving cause you keep giving these 
guys my place in your heart and I can't, no I will not live anywhere 
else in your heart but in the number one spot. Kim looks at God ask him 
I see this man and I hear he looks and sound just like i want so why am 
I not happy? So as I write this I ask you this, ( as God once again 
starts to fade in your life) and again you give Gods spot to a man. 
Don't you get it, how can you, a child of the king be happy if he is 
not number one in your life. How can you find happiness when you are 
asking the very center of happiness to leave and that is God. I know 
you may be sitting saying I m not asking God to leave, but as some one 
that I love very much said to me once you may not be saying it, but you 
are acting like it, and that is louder then any words that come out of 
your mouth. So to end this short story I think the story should start 
there once was a fair maiden that all she wanted in life was to server 
her God, and her God gave her the desires of her heart. Psalms 37 : 4 



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