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On the Front Line-a war story Pt. 1 (standard:adventure, 459 words) [1/3] show all parts
Author: Cooper47Updated: Feb 28 2007Views/Reads: 2109/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
10 young adults join the war on terror, for fun. Not one has shot someone with a gun and is hopeing to get a brake, as they start training, a few drop out or get put in other platoons, only 3 left. As new missions appear they relize that it isn't a game.

On the Font 

a war story by, Cooper47 

MISSION 1: rifle shootout. 

10:10 A.M. Iraq border. 

"Okay, group, our riflemen will do some investigating around the border
in hopes of a safe entry, Ragmouth, state your mission", Captin 
Rockwell said to his platoon. If you read the outline then you will 
understand it better also the men in capital letters are the four 
friends kk 

the platoon:name       nickname          wepon 

Norman Rockwell        red hat           anything. 

Smick  Jonson          digger            anything 

COOPER ROBINSON        N/A               rifle 

Don    Cabben          ragmouth          rifle 

BRIAN JUNO             N/A               anything 

Stewart Naje           Blues Bro         anything 

DRAKE SAKe            CAMO BANDANA       anything 

RON WELL              HATMAN             anything 

The ones with N/A as nicknames are the ones who haven't gotten one yet. 

I will go into detail latter but I need to go back to the story: 

"Okay Robinson and Ragmouth we will see you in the morning". Said Red

"Man is it hot out here, I can't belive it, it must be-", Cooper

"Look, don't you see that man walking he has a sniper, one shot will
take him out". Cooper said. 

He aimed, dead on. 

He knew he had never killed someone before, preasure. 

too much. 

BAM! He was shakeing so bad he had missed the man hid for cover and shot
3 bullets in the air. 

"Uh oh", they both said. 

Back at camp they were listeing to a little 9' by 10' tv when they herd
a call come in:"help we have a major firefight here. Send in back up. 
Oh God! Ragmouth got shot, help!" although the radio which they herd 
the distress call come from was small, the whole camp herd, even Red 

"Get those damn boys out. Blues Bro, come out with me and help me take
them out, bring extra amo just in case. Move!" 

When they got to the site, at least fifty men were battleing with
Cooper. "Oh thank God your here, Ragmouth is okay but he can't shoot a 
bullet. Take them out with me okay". 

"Cooper, Cooper get DOWN!", a huge tank came out of nowhere. It's main
wepon aimed strait at Cooper. 

Red Hat shot up the berrel of the tank just as it fired, like in
cartoons it blew up, only it was too real, bodys colapesd all around 
from the blast, even Red Hat and Cooper (Blues Bro took Ragmouth away) 
only five people got up, includeing Cooper and Red hat, the five were 
killed easily. 

Cooper was a hero back at the camp, everyone cheered. But he did not
escape fully safe, a copper mark streamed down his face, no one could 
figure out what it was, but it gave him a nickname, Cooper Copper. 

"Men, we have a new mission". To be continued 


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