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Inverted Cliche (chapter 2) (standard:other, 942 words) [2/2] show all parts
Author: ChristinaAdded: Feb 14 2007Views/Reads: 1242/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is the second chapter of my story "Inverted Cliche" This story is about the cliches in life. Though not the ones the "preps" and "jocks". This is about the cliches in the "emo" and "goth" groups. Simp

Chapter Two 

The next day Alexander and Vivica were walking around the town square
with their flavored coffees from one of the local coffee shops. 

"What's wrong?," Vivica asked, looking worriedly at her friend.
"Nothing, just thinking.," he answered, putting on his 
oh-so-obvious-to-Vivica fake smile. "You know I can tell when you're 
lieing Alex. What's wrong? Really?" "I want to tell you but, I can't. 
It'd be way out of line." Vivica pauses for a second, thinking, "How 
so?," she asks finally. "It'd be putting you on a spot, might hurt, get 
someone physically hurt, and maybe or, make things really awkward 
between two people." "Well you've succeeded," she says after a minute, 
"you have fully confused me." "That's probably a good thing.," he 
answers quietly. Vivica just lets the subject go...for now. 

"So hey, you going to that thing at the park tonight?," she asks him. "I
don't know, maybe.," he answers, trying to seem happier. "We should 
meet there." "What about Evan?" "Don't worry, he's not coming." "Why 
does he hate me so much, do you know?" "No, I don't. Every time I ask 
him he just says 'You've known him since 1st grade, you should be able 
to tell by now.', I don't know what he's talking about though. Do you?" 
"I think I might." "What?" "What we were talking about a minute ago." 
"About why you were being sad-ish?" "Yeah." "Now I have to know." "It's 
be better if you didn't." "How do you know?" "Because it has been since 
1st grade." "I hate it when guys do this." "Do what?" "Tell me all 
about something except what the something is." "I'm sorry," he says 
looking down at the chipping black nail polish on his nails, the dark 
stoned ring on the finger next to his pinky on his right hand, "I want 
to so bad. I tried once but I couldn't." "Why not?" "Isaac. Then 
Evan.,"he said. 

She didn't really understand but it didn't matter. Her best friend was
about to cry. She could tell. She stepped forward and hugged him close 
to her. She felt him crying, his tears seeping through her shirt, 
holding his shaking body. It almost broke her heart. Right then and 

They stood like that for a long time, right in the middle of the
sidewalk by the coffee shop. She stroked his long hair, whispering, 
"It's okay. Whatever it is, it'll be okay." 

Suddenly he looked up, straight into her eyes, "How can you be so nice
to such a horrible person?,"he asked. She looked at him in disbelief, 
"Horrible person? You can't be talking about yourself." "Of course I 
am. I'm the worst person in the world. I have to be." "How? Why do you 
think you're such a horrible person?" "Because I am." "How?" "I can't 
stop hurting people I care about. I can't stop making people feel sorry 
for me who should hate me." "Like who?" "You." "I have no idea what 
you're talking about. Why should I hate you?" "You just should." "But 
why?" "It'd make things a lot easier." "Things like what? How?" He 
looks her straight in the eyes, "Do you really want to know why Evan 
hates me?" "Yeah." "Are you sure?" "Yeah." "Because he knows what you 
never figured out about me since we've known each other." "Which 
is...?" "I don't want this to change our friendship. Promise me." "I 
promise I won't.," she says placing his hand between hers "I could 
never stand not being your friend." 

He looks at her for a second before looking down at his shoes, "I've
liked you since the 1st grade Viv.," he pauses, "I love you. I always 
have." All she can do is stand there with her hands in his, looking at 
him staring at his shoes. 

After a few minutes she asks, "Are you serious?" He looks up at her,
surprised, "Yeah. I thought you would have known." "I never had a 
clue.," she says, still shocked, "If only I had known before..." "What 
do you mean?" 

She drags him around behind the nearest building, which happens to be a
music store. "I've liked you forever. I would have told you but I 
didn't think you liked me like that at all. If only I had known. Things 
probably owuld have been very different." "I can't believe this." 
"Yeah, me either.," she agrees. "This absolutely sucks." "How?" 
"Because you're going out with Evan." "So? I can break up with him. Not 
saying that I'm going to but I can." "Yeah but if you do and we go out 
he'll kill me." "If he touches you I'll castrate him." Alexander 
winces, "ow..." She giggles, "Yeah, I would think so." 

They fall into silence, looking at each other. Alexander takes a step
closer to Vivica, they're only about 6 inches apart now. They both lean 
in for the inevitable kiss. As their lips meet they both feel about to 
faint. When they step back from each other they sit down on the 
sidewalk. "What are we going to do?," Vivica asks him. "I think it's up 
to you and Evan." "I guess you're right.," she smiles,"I know exactly 
what I'm going to do." 

She leans against the back of the building taking hold of Alexander's
hand as she goes, pulling him half on top of her. She puts her hand on 
his tiny waist, typical of "emo" boys that make some girls jealous. 

He looks at her questioningly as if to ask "are you sure you want to do
this?" She pulls him closer in answer. They sit there kissing behind 
the music store. 


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