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Tales of an Alternate Reality (standard:adventure, 23195 words)
Author: LCSAdded: Feb 25 2007Views/Reads: 2253/1284Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story is about a world where men and women are trained at the academy of TAR to defend the human race against the fierce demons and other powerful nobles. The story follows Zach and his friends, but something hidden is going on that only Zach may kno

Tales of an Alternate Reality 


The Long Hard Road 

Within a land filled with demons, humans fight hard to perceiver. Deep
within the forest lies a training facility to train humans to live on. 
This place is called TAR. Thousands are trained here so those humans 
may continue to live to protect their fellow man. Though the academy 
has thousands of students enrolled, not many know of its existence. 
From the smallest of duties to the largest of wars, TAR has assisted in 
anything that can help its fellow man. In 712, A powerful dictator 
ruled a large majority of the land, and had threatened the rest. 
Tyrone, the head of the TAR military had began an assault upon this 
person's castle. On the head attack team, he placed the one he trusted 
most, Daniel. Daniel also entrusted the title of Lieutenant to whom he 
trusted most, Zach. Zach had only joined the academy one-year 
beforehand, but he made much progress and Daniel had faith in him. Both 
Daniel and Zach were able to sneak into the castle, however Zach's life 
would change greatly after what happened that day. Something that 
cannot ever be forgotten. 

However this was all in the past. Now Zach is doing a quest he finds to
be rather dull. He is traveling with his only two real friends, Kelly 
and Kirsten. Zach is now one of the academy's highest rank students 
though he puts down any offers to become an officer of any higher rank. 
He has mastered the art of Fire and continues to improve his technique 
with his large blade.  Kelly prefers to use her bow as a weapon to 
strike down enemies from a distance. She is also is beginning to master 
the art of wind. Kirsten is more or less the bookworm. She studies 
nearly all the time, unless out on a mission, and has the highest 
grades in the academy. She is very adept at using mind techniques and 
types of hypnosis to confuse her enemy. Against mindless demons 
however, her powers over the mind have little use. 

"Why are you walking so far ahead?" Kirsten yelled to Zach, as he was
about six feet ahead of both her and Kelly. 

"Why?" Zach yelled without even turning back to look, "have a problem
with me walking ahead of you two?" 

"It's not very sociable of you," she exclaimed back. Zach continued to
look up, putting his arms behind his head as if he were bored. 

"How big is this forest anyway?" Zach asked, still looking upward. 

"It should be a little while before we get there still", answered
Kirsten. Zach sighed, but continued to look up. 

"What's the matter?" Kelly asked. She could see the corner of his eye
and could tell that he was very deep in thought, despite his bored 
appearance. He didn't reply. She took a few quick steps to catch up 
with him and put her hand on his shoulder. She began to speak but 
before she could Zach grabbed her hand and took it off of his shoulder. 

"Don't worry about it," Zach answered, though his eyes still shown signs
of deep thought. Kelly slowed her pace and returned to walk beside 
Kirsten. She knew in fact exactly what he was thinking about. 

"He's thinking about that one day," she thought to herself. That day two
years ago when Daniel had left. He was the most important person in the 
world to Zach at the time, and the only person he ever looked up to. 
Zach then suddenly stopped and looked decisively to his right. Before 
they could ask what he had seen, Zach had grabbed the hilt of his blade 
and literally vanished from sight. Moments later he reappeared in front 
of them. 

"There was a demon watching us," he said, answering the question that
they hadn't even had time to ask, "it wasn't strong though. Let's keep 
moving." He resumed to his position with his arms behind his head and 
continued on ahead of them. 

"Zach why don't you ever accept a higher position? Like a captain or

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