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Last Breath (standard:horror, 253 words)
Author: Ann OnymityAdded: Mar 25 2007Views/Reads: 2046/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a rather freaky story about a five year old who was never picked uf from a bus stop...

Last Breath 

“Hello little girl.” Drew turned quickly to see a lean man in a gray
business suit walking toward her. He held out his hand, inviting her to 
stand up from the “McDonalds Parking” curb. A mini box of half eaten 
French fries lay to one side, and her back-pack on the other. Drew 
looked solemnly at his big, fine hand and took it trustingly. “Are you 
going to take me to Mommy? I miss Daddy!” Dews voice had turned to a 
wail; her backside had turned cold while waiting for her parents to 
pick her up. When no one came, she was only mildly worried, they would 
send someone if they couldn’t make it. The tall stranger laughed 
pleasantly, and said “of course I am.”  She thought his voice sounded 
rather nice, like a small stream running quietly over smooth rocks. 

The stranger knew just what would happen next, because only an hour
before, he had killed her parents, and was again craving the pleasure 
of hearing the dramatic last breath all his victims took before they 
became just like the others.  Dead.  Cold and motionless like the other 
hundreds of bodies carelessly tossed into the pit of his cellar, new 
carcasses covering rotting ones. This little girl would just be 
another.  He caressed her golden curls as he led the five year old down 
an ally. “She’s small for her age...she’ll go quickly.”  The man in the 
gray suit smiled serenely, and McDonalds slowly passed out of view... 

The End 


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