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the thing in the night (standard:horror, 697 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Apr 01 2007Views/Reads: 2417/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Backwood story

It come in the night 

The backwood of Kentucky during the 70s, when flint was just a young man
living on a small Kentucky things was just a little more relaxed back 
then , Flint had earned his driving privileges . And was eighteen at 
the time, his father raided tobacco and like all Kentucky farmers there 
was a lot of chores to be done on the small twenty six acres farm. But 
on the weekend Flint would usually go to the near by town to take in a 
movie at the driving in theater the hollow that Flint home was in had 
just gravel on the rural road , and after turning leaf from the main 
paved road it was about two miles down the narrow twisting road to the 
farm flint lived on, it was mid July when Flint drove in town to watch 
a movie with his girl friend Sara, they watch the movie on this bright 
warm summer night and things was normal and it got late and Flint 
decided to take Sara home and be on his way home ,because the next day 
him and his father would be cutting tobacco and it being on Friday 
night and all and plenty of chores the next day , that he needed some 
rest, it was a good night to be alive the smell of the fresh summer 
night and the moon was shining brightly , the 1961 chevy convertible 
flint had was a beautiful car, Flint had earned this car by hard work 
in helping other farmers in their  fields when his father crops was in 
and he was free to earn money helping others. Flint drove the twenty 
miles from town enjoying having the top down and getting the night 
fresh air..he turned left off the main highway and hit the two mile 
stretch that lead him toward home he was about a mile down the narrow 
road driving slow as usually , just poking along , then it happen 
something was coming from his right threw the hay field he caught the 
thing with out of the corner of his eye and then it get closer and 
suddenly it was right on him , he watch in disbelief , as the black 
spiral object rolled off the yellow clay bank that joined the grave 
road, what am I seeing he is asking himself , the object was perfectly 
round and had sharp like spirals , it glowed like shiney fresh mined 
coal, it stopped directly in the middle of the gravel road and the 
lights of the car made it more shindy, flint stopped the car locking 
the brake and hearing the sound of the lose gravel flying in resistence 
of his braking , what am I seeing , he gasps what in heaven name is 
directly in front of his car shining brightly in the summer night, then 
suddenly as he gazed at the strange round object, something strange 
happen , suddenly it open itself up it splits in the middle and now 
inside the split was rows of sharp like teeth as sharp looking on the 
end of the teeth like a ice pick, the mysterious things was taunting 
him in resistence. It was to Flint a warring from it , then after its 
warring it closed its self back up into the round spiral again and 
being rolling just like a basket ball thrown by someone, Flint watch as 
the object made it way on across the road and inter the hay field on 
the other side of the road and Flint watch in pure amazement at the 
strangest creature he has ever seen or will see again, this is a true 
story this happen to me one night as I was going home from a late night 
movie, and to this day I have never come to know or understand what I 
seen on that beautiful warm summer night deep in the hollow where I was 
born and raised up , it's the true earnestly ..note I was not drinking 
or using drugs , I did see this and I guess only me will believe it ..


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