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the old haunted house in the woods (standard:Ghost stories, 2245 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Apr 08 2007Views/Reads: 4037/2144Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
haunt tales backwood camping trip turn sour , two friend learn what fear is in the dark of the night on a camping trip hope you kids enjoy this and it gives you the creeps

THE HAUNTED HOUSE.. Something was awful strange about the old house that
set deep in the backwoods of Kentucky, something that made the blood 
curl something in the air about this old place that made me uneasy many 
places I have been in many of my out door adventures , and I had come 
across a lot of old abandoned places ,that has no evil present like 
this old place did, it is a large house and touched by the hand of 
time, the paint has faded and the wooden sides are now a pale grey and 
in the yard the giant oaks trees with there swaying limbs had almost 
taken over the house,I Recall the night that me and Frankie left to go 
camping close to the area where the house was. We were both the same 
age and seniors this year and new that life would be different after we 
graduated, so we decided to make the most out of this summers school 
vacation, and spend as much time in the wood camping and just hanging 
out and doing nothing much really but what we  both love the best and 
that was to spend time camping in the woods. Frankie live just about a 
mile from where I lived and we were raised in this rural area of 
Kentucky .grandma smith always told the two of us never to go around 
the old house she said it belongs to and old man who had died and had 
no heirs and that the old place was suppose to have fallen into the 
government hands, any way this is the story of our last camping trip in 
the woods near the old house, we had set up camp about a half mile from 
the old place and had a good tent set up and a blazing fire , the 
weather had change from a warm summer day to a cloudy windy and stormy 
night , we were about ten  miles deep inside the woods where no body 
lived near by , just the two of us out here and near the old abandoned 
house that we had learned to be suspicious about , lighting was 
flashing across the sky and the thunder was rumbling and winds had 
gotten up and had drove us inside our tent which we had secured well 
against any storm, we had learned that you really have to be prepared 
to battle the summer time storms that come up in a flash during hot 
summer nights , inside the tent we felt  safe and dry and cozy , 
listening to the raging of the storm and the driven rains and hearing 
the swaying of the large tall tress that were above us , it was getting 
sort of scarey because the storm was awful fierce I could tell when 
Frankie was scared something about the way his expressions was that 
give him away, I was not going to let on to him but I was uneasy myself 
about the winds and heavy rain, it was in the wee hours of the morning 
that the storm let up some and now no winds, just steady down pouring 
of rain, I think we had both drifted off to sleep and something woke me 
up making a threshing noise, I woke up Frankie and told him to listen 
something is out there in the night and it sound like its getting 
closer to where we are I whisper to him , sure enough we were hearing 
something and it was not something that a person never wanted to hear 
this far back from anyone home, the thing was braking stick and making 
all kinds of strange sounds, we had a 22 rifle and a two hunting knives 
and one box of cartilages, then a large scream broke the silence of the 
night, it was the noise that amazed me the most I had never heard 
nothing like the sound in my life , it made the hair stand on the top 
of our head, we both felt helpless and decided to let a window flap 
down on the tent in the direction of the screaming and threshing, and 
we tried to shine a light to see what was in the near by timber, we 
might get a shot off at it if it was a bear or maybe whatever wild 
animal, It certainly a bad feeling to just have cloth between you and 
the night and the darkness, the rain started again and we try to see 
what it was, with the flash light to no travail . The dem flash light 
was useless on such a raining and stormy night , if we get out of here 
alive I swear I will never Camp around this place ever again Frankie 
said, we should have known better than to get so close to that old 
creepy house, something was out there in the night and here we both are 
inside this small tent, miles from any houses with on a twenty two 
rifle and two hunting knives, I guess that was better than nothing, the 
rain had started again and the thunder was terrifying, making our 
visibly awful, if we had not have gotten so close to the old homestead 
maybe we wouldn't be sitting here scared out of our skin, we kept 
trying to shine the flashlight out the tent window and hoping we might 
get a glimpse of what was out there”. Making all those terrible, 
suddenly I got a look at something it was tall and looked to be hairy 
,it shot across the narrow deer trail that was near bye, and 
disappeared into the think dense woods, I had heard, many strange tales 
about this part of the woods,tales that were now coming clear  in my 
mind now, one party had camp in this area about six years back, and one 
person come up missing in the night and search parties looked for 
nearly one full week before coming up empty handed, and they never did 
find the guy, nor his bones . They were three in the party that were on 
vacation and they decided to camp in this area.  Of these woods, one of 

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