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Death Cabins (standard:horror, 693 words)
Author: Cooper47Added: Apr 12 2007Views/Reads: 1927/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a story i came up in art, i was drawing a cabin and the story came to life. About a Man who finds a ghost town. but it is called GHOST town for a reason.


By Cooper (Seth) Horn 

It was just past midnight, I was coming home from a bar when I saw a
road that was never there before, just a crappy dirt road that looked 
like it wasn't used for years. My curiosity got to the better of me, 
So, I followed it. You know how roads somtimes wind back ond forth even 
though no reason to, this was one of them. 

I was begining to think that this was a wastewhen I saw a black dot on
the horizon. As I got closer I relized that is wasn't a black dot, it 
was a cabin. There were no signs of NO TRESPASSING, so i went to see 
what was there. BIG mistake. 

I parked my motorbike behind the first cabin. I walked inside it, and it
was horror. Blood was everywhere. And there was a lump with a sheet 
over it. So...I did what I had to. I looked under the sheet and.... 

I figured it would be just a skeleton but it was fresh, mabye a day old,
a body was beat to death by a saw, and it made me think of the Kid, my 
brother. Sure on all the biogarphys they didn't mention me, but only 
one, the true one, the one called JIGSAW. But that is a story for 
another night. He died. By an explosion. 

I had enough of that place. Blood always feaked me out. So I would just
take off on my motorbike and never see this place again. So I wistled a 
happy tune, just to get my mind off what I just saw. As i turned the 
corner of the cabin I knew something was up, the road was gone with the 
wind, I looked all over for it, nowhere. Hey, at least I have my, unless, I ran to the back and it was gone. And, as if on 
cue, the rain poured down, so I would have to sleep in one of those 
cabins, I looked for one that had no blood, all of them did, and the 
body in the corner with the sheet orver it. Until I came to the last 

It was my last hope, I came into it and it was clean. It looked like a
man still lived there. But there was the body in the back with the 
sheet on it. GOD!!! I was sick of it, every frickin' cabin was a body, 
but there was no blood on this one. Did I dare? I opened the sheet and 
a man, my age 28 at most was there with a scare on his neck. And 
cuts-not deep- all over his face. And a hat over his chest. So it was 
the bes offer I had. So I layed down for sleep. 

I dreamed of them. The bodys, they came back to life and called me their
killer, so they pulled out sheets all bloody and crap, and stuffed me 
in them, and I realized they were suffocating me. 

"I can't breath", I weezed, but that just excided them more and forced
the sheets on me harder and harder. 

And then I awoke. 

The man was sitting on the sheet, the one that had the hat on, a black
hat with a large brim that made his pale face look dark. 

"Why did we kill them Jake", he was speaking to me. 

" I killed no one and how did you know my name". 

"C'mon Jake, Don't you remember, last night. You and I were fighting
with some kids outide our house, and they pulled out guns, so we blew 
their fucking brains out with the SAW", that was a ling time ago Memory 
that happened with me and JIGSAW. 

"That was with JigSaw. Not you". Then he turend away, and looked back at

"I am JigSaw, I am his aprentice. He told me who he was, his signs, like
leaving a number on his victim's chest. Yah, he told me everything, 
even you. 

This guy was crazy. But I was trapped and had to think of something and



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