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mountain folks (standard:Inspirational stories, 552 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Apr 15 2007Views/Reads: 2751/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
short article about mountain people

Mountain Folk 

One thing I can say about mountain folks, that they are misunderstood by
city folks. People that are raised in large cities know little about 
the heritage of mountain people. Their ways are much different and they 
for the most part are good people at heart.. I was raised on a small 
twenty six-acre farm. My father was a wonderful man, who believed in 
being honest and hard working, we grew tobacco being in eastern 
Kentucky where work was as scare as hens teeth , so to speak... we grew 
almost all our food , and worked as a family each of us has chores to 
do, and there was not a dull moment, we kept hogs and cows and work 
mules. We had no choice to be lazy we were taught that hard work makes 
for good character.. We were taught never to rebuke and elder and 
manners was of the most importance ... never butt in when a older 
person is speaking...never promise a man a day labor if you don't plain 
the be there when the time of work is at hand... when someone in the 
neighborhood died, the neighbors would assemble and dig the grave for 
the departed one,( people cared for one another.). If you was caught 
stealing from someone that marked you as someone that cannot be trust 
worthy.. Being mean or unruly  in the worship house of the lord, would 
get you a good old fashion whipping, it was as simple as that.. When 
Sunday dinner was on the table and company of neighbors  was come to 
pay a visit ... the children would... eat last this was a custom..they 
would wait quietly while all the adult eat,, and after the older folks 
was threw ..then I was time for all the children to have there 
dinner...I stood many a day and watch as a small boy my father and 
neighbor dig graves, I wonder why is this the custom when the folks 
that had passed away was not blood kin folks,, why do neighbor pitch in 
and assist in this ..I found out after I was grown that this was 
Christian  love , that caused men to lay down there own work and help 
in this time of death was the mountain way and there was 
something wonderful in lending a helping hand , These days of modern 
times have taken so much away from society .. And given nothing back ,, 
life use to be relative simple, and not it has gotten so far out of 
whack...I realize that modern inventions bring changes in  the world 
that it one was. But I ask my self why couldn't we have kept the truth 
and the customs of the goodness of God along with modern times.. Well 
some of you that have never been taught of the old days of mountain 
times and ways ..many does not understand anything I have written about 
them times..I miss those days when a man word was his bond, and people 
took time to help one another , those were the glorious day of my youth 
in the green flush mountains of my beloved home old Kentucky.. I hope 
you enjoyed my article on mountain folks you was raised by 
mountain folks email me


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