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Aunt Dormay and the barn roof. (standard:Inspirational stories, 591 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Apr 15 2007Views/Reads: 2572/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
true story about my aunt Dormay . this really happen...

AUNT DORMAY AND THE BARN ROOF Stanley Ray Mcqueen, Kentucky 

Thanks for publishing our cleanup day at the old graveyard. Sometimes
rare happenings are worth publishing. It pleased my aunt that you put 
it in The Poor Town News. 

She is an inspiring person to all of us, her kin. She is getting fairly
old now, but not in spirit. Every time I think about her I see her 
working at something in my mind, because that is what she is always 
doing ~ some sort of work. 

Some years back, she was helping fix some blown-off tin on a tobacco
barn, and she was up there on the roof with one of my uncles who was 
helping her fix it. 

He had a heart attack on the roof, and she kept him from falling off. 

He died on the roof, with her holding him in her arms. That was an awful
thing to happen to her. She had to hold him up there until help came to 
get him off. I know just how hard that was for her to have to do. 

She is a strong woman ...... and a country woman. Most women would have
lost it with something happening to them like that. But not my aunt. 
She is a kind, caring and wonderful person, and among the female 
gender, a giant among women. 

How many women have you seen in your lifetime up on a tobacco barn
fixing the tin roof? She was the first for me. But she is like that. If 
something needs fixing on the farm, she'll be leading the way. 

She and her husband are the wealthy people in these parts. They own I
don't know how many farms, and they bought them honest, fair and 

Her husband ~ Uncle Cab ~ didn't get his driver's license until he was
40 years old, and drove every day there around our community. He had 
three years schooling and couldn't write or read, but he was successful 
in making a good living for his family. Now, he is a millionaire and 
this is the truth. He has that much money in lands. 

But now he has "Oldtimers" ~ nearly 80 years old ~ and Aunt Dormay takes
care of him. She told me there isn't any way she'd let him be put in a 
rest home. 

Well, have a good day. And I hope the Lord's blessing for all. 

I think you are like Aunt Dormay ...... a wonderful person ...... You
would have to be, printing and editing after an old hillbilly writer 
like me. 

I guess I'm the worst writer in the history of Old Kentucky. My grammar
is like a mudhole in a dirt county road. 

I have a true story about my mother's family. 

It's about a day she and her brothers were walking out of Twin Branch
Hollow to school. One of mammy's brothers waded through a mudhole, and 
it had a water snake in it and it bit him. 

All the rest of the kids thought he was a goner. They circled him and
prayed that God would spare his life. They thought it was a copperhead. 

They were just kids, but knew enough to pray for their brother Ray ~ my

There were nine in mammy's family. Most of them are dead now. I will
never forget mother telling about the snake incident. It was funny, but 
it let me know the bond they had for each other as children and 
brothers and sisters. 



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