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JigSaw TRALER (standard:Suspense, 214 words)
Author: Cooper47Added: Apr 16 2007Views/Reads: 3554/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is the thing you would find on the back of a book basicly.

J I G S A W 

Two twins face the wrath of abuse, hatred, and blood. 

Abandoned by her husband Ashly and her kids, Jeff and Jake, must deal
with delimas that most familys do, like school, work, anything normal, 
untill all the anger of losing her husband gets to Ashly, she starts 
slapping the twins to get the anger out of her. Just slapping, right, 
but when she sees how it helps her out, she starts hitting them, and 
beating them, STABING them. They try to run away from the hatred, but 
it is no use. 

THEN...She gets so fed up with Jeff, she locks him in a shed, no windows
or anything. For 12 months (She gives him food and water, that is IT). 
He starts to act funny. Then he breaks out. Mad with crazy runing threw 
is vains. Wanting revenge. Blood will fall for what she did. 

Jake ran away when Jeff got locked up, but when he sees that Jeff
escaped he followed Jeff till the end, not as a friend or and enemy, 
just caring for his brother. 

Ashly came to relise that she was wrong to abuse. But the tables have
turned, and she must escape her son's wrath. 


June 12


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