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Star Specks Hill (standard:poetry, 386 words)
Author: SpotlightAdded: Feb 21 2001Views/Reads: 3206/1828Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
un-love and a cold night on a hill... my first upload... wooo...

Star Specks Hill by Spotlight 

The night, a flashing moon over my shoulder, held my shirt tight against
her chest.  Why had I picked a secluded spot, out here in the woods, by 
the dirt road where hunters were seen spotting deer, none coming 
tonight, the stars in the sky shining like little pinhole cameras? 

She wasn't naked;  I was neither naked nor in the mood to be naked, 

and stars keeping me related to my speck-like existance, 

and her talking in a dull monotonous breath, covers over her shoulders
lying beside me, arms around my chest. 

How many times did we do this on a saturday night in the middle of the

then naked, then restless, 

me with a boner, 

and her always cold and hugging close, 

and the stars above? 

I wonder if people came here before us taking away the purpose, 

hugging into night, 

two stars of a show they are playing in for themselves, 

shining inside each other, 

trees to the side, 

and the whole area beginning to burn like coals in the ground, 

rising heat 

as we lay together, aroused. 

She wasn't content, or I say it because I wasn't content with her and
lying down beside her left no stirring inside me, wind chilling me 
being cold and only wanting to shiver beside her for warmth not love. 

I could dream of burning, 

trees of mudslides taking away this enchanted place 

where the grass is wet, and sliding away 

leaving brown and black ash, 

sliding down, sliding away 

out from under the sheets 

and off the cliff 

next to the mountain in the distance. 


Black on purple, 

sky and stars 

and her and me 

and now it wasn't only that 

it was friends 

and others 

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