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a look into the mind of a killer... va colledge kid murdered ... (standard:Editorials, 594 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Apr 20 2007Views/Reads: 2270/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
this is a short writing about my opinion why some people commit so terriable crimes..

of us try and sort out what kind of condition does a person have to 
commit such act as murder, how can we know the mind of people who would 
do such ta terrible crime.. With all the modern treatment of mental 
disorders, we have nor will we ever figure our what in the mind of such 
people like this...first let me say that behind such murders is voices 
, and there not just inside voices from within the person , but old 
Satan in the Bible is quoted as a liar a thief and also a murder.. 
Satan has to fill the heart of this young man that caused him to act it 
out... in my opinion of his character, it is important for us to 
understand that there is a literal Devil that plot out killings, and 
suggest that people kill, he would of surely pick someone who has a low 
esteem of himself, and then go from there. Don't think for one moment 
that Satan isn't behind some of these murderous plot and killing sprees 
..Note some people don't even believe that there is a devil, and that 
is their downfall.. Evil is present and Good is present..  This is 
evident.. The word of almighty God states these word...(The fool has 
said in his heart there is no God) isn't that just what old Satan would 
want a person to believe that there is  no God or no hereafter or no  
judgment of has the right to believe or not believe but 
either way it don't  change nor does it alter the truth... any 
intelligent person would have to know evil and good.. These two factors 
are real factors..Question is some people are prone to listen to the 
devil and they sometime don't even know what evil is being infiltrated 
in their minds.. I think the young college student was not aware of 
what was really being fed into his mind by old Satan... Satan picked 
him first hand, first I believe because he had a low esteem of himself 
.. And not just himself he had so much hate inside for just everybody  
not no one in   particular... ... hate is something that builds and 
builds and finely explodes.. The devil can only suggest people to do 
crimes of thefts and murders .. But the person has to act on his this the murder are charged to the person who perform 
the act...we ask all of us this question ?? What causes people to do 
such crimes as this young man done? Answer is simple Satan....he is 
called old slew foot here in the mountain of Kentucky... my heart is 
sadden and my prayer go out to the victims and their familys... but we 
much all know that Satan goes about like a roaring lion seeking who he 
may devour ... Satan had this young man feeling rejected and unaccepted 
.. and he used these to thing to lead him to performing this terrible 
slaughter of these young student who had doing nothing at all against 
him or anyone if you're a God fearing Christian please pray 
for our nation and these our neighbors who have suffered such a 
terrible tragic event in there lives.... thanks for reading....backwood 
writer Stanley MCqueen ...may God send Angles to watch over our young  
people and the elders of out nation and the nations of the whole 
world...  In the name of Jesus Christ I humbly ask..... 


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