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time is ketching up you getting old (standard:Inspirational stories, 588 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Apr 24 2007Views/Reads: 2378/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
article on getting old

Times ketching up you,ve got old Any one passed fifty years old would
certainly tell you right fast that they have no idea of how they become 
this old this fast, it seems that it take a person forever to get 
twenty one but after that time puts on the speed, while working to 
support a family most time is spent to busy doing things that people 
really dont want to do but, but have to do, and then before you know it 
you,ve just turned thrity.. and then again forty comes along and the 
awareness of age is slipping up on your like a ugle monster that has 
been following you around just waiting to call you and old man or old 
woman.. then fifty hit you right smack in the face, and when you looks 
into the mirrrow , you don,t seen a young man but a man who is getting 
grey and wrinkled.. and then the truth set in plus reality. your 
getting old.. then you start thinking how much better you could do if 
you only could get another chance at youth, with you knowledge as a 
fifty years old , but life is like seasons spring is youth summer is 
midlife and then winter is over fifty, when the hair on you head is 
getting grey or bald. what is the cause of me having to get old and asked what is life all about anyway you may ask and ponder. 
well less a grain of corn fall to the ground and die it will not 
produce a new sprout of much like a human factor we are young 
and then middle aged and then old if we live to get old that is 
not so bad to die,. but death is bad when a person is not believing in 
God nor has confessed his or her sins to God.. by repenting and 
trusting  Christ as their personal mediator between God and, man this 
will     get you a free pass into heaven and not just heaven, but a 
brand new spritual boby . so this saying can be applied to your 
perspective..( oh death where is thy sting and grave where is thy 
victory.).. most people these days are frighten by someone telling then 
they are a literal hell to shun and a literal heaven to gain. but you 
know what its the truth most people these days could care less where 
they believe or what they are most interested in life in general that 
to get messed up with christiainty they refused to see or believe the 
truth.. there is no excuse for anyone in God eyes for a person to inter 
hell and everlasting place of the eternal doom. God give his son Jesus 
Christ on the cross so that all men could be forgiven and made pure by 
the blood of the lamb of God , being Christ Jesus... religion want save 
a soul going to church ever time  the door flys open want either... one 
thing will get a person into heaven is this , earnestly repenting and 
being truely sorry for your sins. and asking Jesus Christ to forgive 
your sins.. then getting baptised to show the world you have been 
converted to a new person in Christ people plan for a lot of things 
retirement  ect... but the one main plan a person better make sure of 
is how they leave this world .. there is two ways a person can leave 
this world


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