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Mullins hollow Curse (standard:horror, 702 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Apr 25 2007Views/Reads: 2368/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
backwood ghost

Mullins Hollow Curse 

the moons has just come up the warm summer night that me and some friend
desited we go can camp in Mullins hollow , which was about a mile from 
my home, many  scarey stories had been handed down about this green 
flush hollow called Mullins hollow by the residents that live close to 
it , it was a pretty place it in the day time but in the night time 
that was a different story ,,,some people say that it is curse with a 
curse of something evil that happen there many years ago . i was told 
at a certain time of the night you could see a white horse flying threw 
the air with flames of fire comeing out of it nose. what cause this was 
durning the civil war between the war of the states, that a band of 
southern troops was comeing threw the area back then and they come upon 
a old shack that a old woman live in at that time , the troops stopped 
and asked the old lady did she have some food she could spare for a 
sick soilder has fallen ill and needed some broth or something that 
might stay on his stomach. the old woman refused to give the south any  
food because she stood for the north and didnt want to help the south 
in anyway,, so the leader of the soilders rode a beatiful whilte horse 
and he was angry with the lady for not giving them any broth, and he 
said to the old lady because you have not given us any things for  the  
    sick soilder may this hollow be cursed for ever and ever... and 
then the band of soilders went on .. and from that day forward this 
hollow is cursed , strange light comes from the creek that run along 
the border of the hollow, screams in the night are often heard from a 
distance... some have even said they had seen the creek there turn into 
bloody waters and then change back to clear.. it is evident that the 
curse is still there anyone that trods on this cursed ground is bound 
to have bad fortunes , one man was bitten by a spider , another man was 
run out of the hollow by a big black blob of a form that had no shape 
but could fly in the air like a bird, my grandpa said he has seen the 
flying horse  sweeping the tree tops breathing out flames of fire. 
balls of fire often fall from the skys and burst into billions of 
sparks that never ketch nothing on fire... this place is ok in the day 
time but at night its another story, man said he was passing  
threw the hollow walking along the creek and that the creek water 
turned into thousand of snakes and that the banks of the creek was 
working alive with snakes.. he run for his man said  while 
passing threw the hollow looking for a stray mule that had excaped his 
fences said the ground open up and swallow him up to the neck and kept 
him trapped for a whole hour before releasing him... he said he never 
enter that hollow again....then another said a strange screaming sound 
could be heared at a certain hour of the night it walked the 
surrounding ridges screaming a mournful scream like sounds that he 
could not imitate... then there is the pale moon shaped object that has 
no solid features being like fog or mist , has been reported to follow 
travelers when they trod in Mullins Hollow.. the there is a bloody 
soilder dress in southern war clothes of the civil war who had been 
seen laying beside the creek in a pine box and it open...with his rifle 
laying beside him in his man tried to touch the coffin and 
his hand went right threw it and he run for his if your ever 
walking in a hollow that looks as i have describe Mullins hollow and 
you see a civil war soilder laying in a pine box  run foir you life 
because you in mullins hollow...


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